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Family Tragedy…14 Year-Old C.J. Jones Kills His Mom,His Baby Brother, And Two Little Sisters,In An Apparent Murder-Suicide.

14-year-old  C.J. Jones is suspected to have slit the throats of his two sisters before setting their apartment on fire and killing himself. His mother, 32 year-old Leisa Jones and his 2 year-old brother Jermaine Sinclaire, Jr., also perished in the gruesome fire, that followed the grisly murders.

An autopsy conducted on two-year-old Jermaine Sinclaire, Jr. determined the cause of death to be smoke inhalation, and have ruled his death a homicide.

The 7-year-old and 10-year-old were determined to have died from “incision wounds on the neck,” according to the city Medical  Examiner.  The cause of death for C.J. and his mother was still pending.(SOURCE)

Investigators said they believe the teenager, C.J. Jones, used a straight razor to slit the throats of his sisters Melonie, 7, and Brittney, 10,then  set the family apartment on fire, then slit his own throat.

Thursday, officials said the blaze forced 12 other tenants to flee the apartment complex on Staten Island just after 4 a.m.

C.J.’s grandmother, Marcia Anderson, 50, of Washington D.C. reports that C.J. had recently been kicked out of school and was playing with fire just hours before the explosion of violence that left five people dead.(SOURCE)

Marcia Anderson traveled from Washington to Staten Island to see the home where her daughter and four grandchildren died.

Apparently, C.J. has had a problem with setting fires and playing with matches in the past. Neighbors told investigators they saw the youth lighting paper outside his apartment recently and that he was asked to leave a swimming pool Wednesday for starting a fire on the grounds.

Law enforcement says a charred note saying “am sorry” was found stuck to a butane lighter at the fire scene at 302 Nicholas Avenue. Handwriting experts will be comparing the handwriting to the work of C.J. Jones as well as his mother Leisa Jones, so they can make a final determination of what happened before the fire was set.(SOURCE)

It is being reported that C.J. had some festering psychological issues which may have led up to this tragic event.

C.J. Jones with his siblings that he murdered...

C.J. Jones with his siblings that he murdered...

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  1. I don’t believe the 14 year old did it …..

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