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3 Year-Old Adopted Child Killed,4 Year Old Abandoned,While Adoptive Family Suspected In The Murder Flees To Mexico…Where Wife Has Dual Citizenship.

The AP is reporting that a California couple is wanted for questioning after police found one of their adopted children dead. Police say the couple,Alberto Garcia 26, and his wife Carla Garcia,26, left another adopted child who is only 4 years old, in the house with the dead body of his 3-year-old sister, and may have fled to Mexico.

Both of the children had been adopted by their uncle Alberto, who is a suspect, along with his wife , in the killing of the little girl.

Police have not released details on the girl’s death but said her body showed signs of visible trauma when it was found Sunday morning. An autopsy was performed Monday.(SOURCE)

Police believe the couple has fled to Mexico, where extradition back to the United States is tenuous for those suspected to be charged with murder,because Mexico will not send a person back here to face the death penalty.

This extradition case will be made more difficult for the wife Carla, because she holds dual citizenship in Mexico and the United States.

The couple fled to Mexico with their three biological children in their white 1997 Ford Expedition.

The sleeping abandoned boy was discovered after Carla called her sister on Sunday morning to go check on the house, and the boy was found sleeping there with the body of his dead sister.The police responded to a frantic call from the children’s aunt, upon her discovery of the grisly scene.

The couple is wanted in Kern County on suspicion of child endangerment, and local authorities were working Monday with the FBI to get a federal warrant for unlawful flight, and the  Police want to question Alberto and Carla Garcia about the child’s death and check on the well-being of three children believed to be accompanying them. The children were identified as Carlos Joe Solvalvarro, 10, Crystal Garcia, 5, and Alberto Garcia Jr. 4.(CNN)

Neighbors have said that the children were smiling and happy when they saw them and never had any signs of bruising or other marks. One neighbor, Greg Reafsnyder, told that he often saw all the children playing together outside, but did not often see the three-year-old. He just thought she was shy.(SOURCE)

now we know why she was not often seen outside playing.She was inside getting beat to death.

The family drives a white 1997 Ford Expedition, with a California license plate 5FLC681.  Bakersfield police ask anyone with information about the family’s whereabouts to call them at 661-327-7111.

I abhor child killers, and if these adults murdered their adopted children, then they deserve all the justice the State of California has waiting for them!..they betrayed the trust of the child, and destroyed her chance in life, while also traumatizing her 4 year-old brother.

Let’s all hope that he is safe, and that he gets the chance at life, that was stolen from his little sister at only 3 years of age!.

Here is a picture of the prime suspects in this murder…

Child Murder Suspects...Carla and Albeto Garcia

Child Murder Suspects...Carla and Alberto Garcia

For more on this tragic story…

Bakersfield Now



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