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Oscar Grant’s Murderer Found Guilty Of ONLY Involuntary Manslaughter?@!?…When Will Black Men’s Lives EVER Be Worth Anything?

When will a black man’s life be treated on the same level as a white mans life in our courts system? Certainly not in this day and age, as today’s verdict in the Oscar Grant B.A.R.T. murder trial demonstrates to all of us!!!

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Johannes Mehserle, 28, a former white Bay Area transit police officer was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter on Thursday in the videotaped shooting death of the unarmed black youth,Oscar Grant, that triggered a night of rioting in Oakland, California.(SOURCE)

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All that Mehserle did, which was caught on videotape, was detain Oscar Grant for horseplay,…make him lie face down on the pavement,un -holster his loaded service revolver, aim it at 22-year-old Oscar Grant’s back, and shoot him point-blank in the back!!!(VIDEO)

If you view the tape,you will see a cold-blooded  cowardly killing. If Oscar had been white, and the cop black…then it would have been found to be what we all see on the tape...first degree murder, and nothing less!!!…just like in this case(LINK).

Mehserle should have gotten 25 to life,or better yet,… life without the possibility of parole,but, in an astounding act of Judicial tampering, the judge last week a took the first degree murder charge off the books so the jury was left with either second degree murder or involuntary manslaughter.

Why did Oscar Grant have to die?….Officer Mehserle says it was a mistake – He believed he pulled a Taser and not a gun!!!
Foolishly…or in a brazen display of America’s racial double standard when it comes to the value of white and black life, the judge gave the officer the benefit of the doubt,saw that all he did was kill a worthless black man, and chose to act like he  believed the defense’s ridiculous story of a mistaken weapon!!!…
…that definitely will not work for you or I, and once again the Thin-blue imbalanced judicial line prevails!

Prosecutors accused the ex-officer of intentionally firing his handgun as he tried to handcuff Oscar J. Grant III on New Year’s Day 2009. Johannes Mehserle, 28, tearfully testified that the shooting was a tragic accident caused when he mistakenly grabbed his firearm instead of an electric Taser weapon during a struggle with Grant...(SOURCE)

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Involuntary manslaughter is generally punishable by only two to four years in prison. It is rare for a law enforcement officer to be charged with murder in connection with an on-duty shooting.

Whatever,it is clear to me that there will never be justice for the murder of a black man by a cop, so it is wise for us to all be pro-active and to prepare to protect yourselves from the wonton violent acts that the police officers have in store for you,across the nation,and they only get a minor slap on the wrist for doing so!!!

Oscar Grant got the death penalty, for playing around….definitely the very definition of excessive force!!!

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One Response to “Oscar Grant’s Murderer Found Guilty Of ONLY Involuntary Manslaughter?@!?…When Will Black Men’s Lives EVER Be Worth Anything?”

  1. This is HOW we take back our value! For those who want to engage in peaceful protest, this is what they should learn (New Liability For Police Abuse), and then this is how that should respond in order to protest (How To File A Complaint Against Police Abuse) >>> <<>> <<<

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