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Suspect Finally Arrested In the Over 2 Decades-Old “Grim Sleeper” Case In South Central L.A.!!!

The Los Angeles Police Department(LAPD) has finally made an arrest in the over 2 decades-old “Grim Sleeper” mass murder-serial killings in South Los Angeles Wednesday, local media outlets reported.(CBS)

We originally reported on this several months ago, and we are elated that an arrest has been made in this case!!!(Link)

A 57-year-old mechanic, garbage worker, and one-time police garage attendant named Lonnie Franklin Jr. was arrested in Los Angeles in connection with the string of 10 murders, committed between 1985 and 2007. The killer was nicknamed the “Grim Sleeper” because there was a 14-year break within that string, from 1988 to 2002.(WIKI)

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=the+grim+sleeper&iid=3882447″ src=”″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]According to MSNBC, Attorney General and Democratic candidate for Governor of California Jerry Brown, can be directly held responsible for today’s arrest in the case, because he recently gave the go-ahead to use a controversial investigative technique,that identifies “potential” suspects by researching familial DNA.

…The case puts an unorthodox forensic tool known as familial DNA analysis at center stage. The method is specifically allowed only in two states – California and Colorado – and it’s specifically banned in Maryland. The FBI currently has no policy for doing familial DNA analysis, but now that the procedure has come up with a high-profile match….Familial DNA searches have been done in Britain for years…

…California Attorney General Jerry Brown gave investigators the go-ahead to do the same in the Grim Sleeper case two years ago. A database search came up with a partial but significant match between DNA collected during the investigation and a routine sample taken from Franklin’s son. Some reports say the son was given a cheek swab after his arrest on a charge totally unrelated to the killings…(MSNBC)

Los Angeles city personnel director Maggie Whalen said Franklin was hired in 1981 as an attendant at a Los Angeles Police Department garage, where he helped work on cars.(SOURCE)

The following year, he moved to the sanitation department.

Neighbors described him as friendly and quiet and were stunned when they learned of his arrest. They said he was often seen working on cars in his front yard and would sometimes stop to chat with passers-by.

Earlier Wednesday, dozens of police officials closed off a block around the 81st Street house where Franklin was arrested.

The victims the killer targeted were all black and most appear to have been prostitutes or drug addicts who were sexually assaulted. A 12th victim escaped after being shot and raped.

Franklin is charged with 10 counts of murder and one count of attempted murder on Nov. 20, 1988:

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=the+grim+sleeper&iid=4259361″ src=”″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

Aug. 10, 1985, Debra Jackson

Aug. 12, 1985, Henrietta Wright

Jan. 10, 1987, Barbara Ware

April 15, 1987, Bernita Sparks

Oct. 31, 1987, Mary Lowe

Feb. 1, 1988, Lachrica Jefferson

Sept. 11, 1988, Alicia Alexander

March 19, 2002, Princess Berthomieux (Inglewood)

July 11, 2003, Valerie McCorvey

Jan. 1, 2007, Janecia Peters(SOURCE)

Let’s hope after all these years, they have gotten enough evidence to convict this killer once and for all…..good police work LAPD!!!

Victims of the Grim Sleeper...may see justice served finally!!!

Victims of the Grim Sleeper...may see justice served finally!!!

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3 Responses to “Suspect Finally Arrested In the Over 2 Decades-Old “Grim Sleeper” Case In South Central L.A.!!!”

  1. Going to be hard to get a conviction on all charges as they stand right now. 😦
    But, I know they will convict him in time, at least that is what I hope for.

  2. No doubt!!!…that explains the 2 decades old thing…so a hard conviction is an obvious, and albeit fore gone conclusion already in this case!!!LOL..
    …but thanks for pointing out the obvious.

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