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Jamie Foxx’s “FoxxHole Radio”- Channel ‘Sirius’ly’ Drives The Sirius XM Radio Inc. 6% Recent Stock Jump!!!!…Toon In!!!..

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Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx, is proving he is much more than an excellent actor in show business,by flexing his muscle’s on Wall Street by being one of the main reasons why a powerful satellite radio networks spiked and jumped on the stock market!(SOURCE)

The FoxxHole Radio channel on Sirius/XM satellite radio network is one of the reason’s behind the recent surge in the Sirius/XM stock market position!!! went up %6 this past Wednesday!!!(SOURCE)

When Jaime Foxx makes money…we all win!!!…all of those, I mean,that own stock in Sirius/XM satellite radio. I do not, and I wish I did.I do know people on the channel that do own stock,and I am happy for them!!!They are backing a winning team!

Sirius’s (SIRI 0.10, +0.06, +6.37%) stock jumped more than 6% Wednesday morning, boosted by the news that the subscription-anchored[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=foxxhole+radio&iid=3127875″ src=”″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /] broadcaster had gained 583,249 net subscribers in the second quarter. It had a loss of 185,999 users in the same period a year ago.

For Sirius, the news comes as a relief. There has been plenty of gloomy coverage of the company and its industry. Perhaps now it is time for skeptics to rewrite their doom-ridden prognostications.(SOURCE)

I know my recent drive across the country was quite enjoyable, not only due to the low-cost of gasoline I encountered the moment I left California, and the hearty food servings and portions at all the restaurants,…but my factory installed satellite radio service that was included as a small extra,$15.00 a month,.. in my car payment, that I never noticed, delivered the best solution to nationwide radio service that man could ever create!…and the FoxxHole radio network,hosted by Jaime Foxx, provided the much-needed comedy relief that I could count on, on a daily basis, as I drove coast-to-coast…which is something that I could never have imagined that I would need to do, at the time I drove across the country.

I initially wondered,..”What is an “Academy -Awardwinning actor doing messing around with some novelty like satellite radio??…And my answer this week I see is…Getting Paid!!! I listened to his shows.

Sirius/XM satellite radio simply eliminates that nagging reality as you drive across the country, that you know, if you keep going, you will eventually loose your radio signal, as you travel county to county,city to city.

In this case,I support this form of new technology, because Sirius has Sirius’ly made my life easier,in a way that I was not expecting, nor paying attention to.

It’s the best $15.00 a month I pay on my bill, and I did not even notice it, until I needed it the most, and the FoxxHole network was a find!

…no wonder their share’s went up!(SOURCE)

Foxxhole Radio...Jaime Foxx drives Sirius/XM stock!!!

Foxxhole Radio...Jaime Foxx drives Sirius/XM stock!!!(Copyright 2010-Jerry Brice)

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