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Manute Bol,Former N.B.A. Star Center And Sudanese Philanthropist, Dies At 47…

One of the tallest players in NBA history, Manute Bol, has died today at the University of Virginia Medical Center, a hospital spokeswomen has confirmed.

Bol played in the N.B.A. for 12 years for several teams, including the Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers and the Miami Heat . He was one of the two tallest players ever in the history of the N.B.A., and was also one of the most loved. Bol was active in the league from 1985-1994.

Manute Bol Sports illustrated Cover

Manute Bol Sports illustrated Cover

Bol was very active in charitable causes throughout his career. In fact, he says he spent much of the money he made during a 10-year NBA career supporting various causes related to his war-ravaged nation of birth, Sudan. He frequently visited Sudanese refugee camps, where he was treated like royalty.(WIKI)

Tragically, it was during one of these trips that he contracted Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a rare skin disease, from a medication he received in Africa.

His cousin George Bol said Mr. Bol had internal bleeding and other complications which led to his death today.(SOURCE) He had been in the Sudan to fight corruption in the government there, that has plagued the country.

The Sudan is also a place where genocide against its own countrymen is running rampant, and unchecked.(VIDEO)…religion and politricks is behind the violence…

Manute  Bol was believed to have been born on October 16, 1962 in either Turalie or Gogrial, Sudan. He was the son of a Dinka tribal chief, who gave him the name “Manute,” which means “special blessing.” Manute Bol was 7 ft 7 in  and 225 lb.

In 2002, I remember watching Fox Television networks “Celebrity Boxing” and the main event was a bought between Manute Bol, and William “the Refrigerator” Perry,an ex-NFL star in a boxing match.

Bol won unanimously, 30-27 on all cards,and announced after the fight that he was going to donate his purse , several thousand dollars,to relief efforts for victims of the Second Sudanese Civil War.(SOURCE)

Manute Bol had many ups and downs in his life, many associated with what he was doing to help the people of his home nation, the Sudan.He suffered a broken neck in 2004 in a car accident, and went through poverty towards the end of his life, all due to his charitable work, and some hardships brought on by that.

Manute Bol never lost his dignity, and for that, he stood tall, not only physically, but spiritually as well.

He is gone much too soon, but his time here on earth benefited millions around the world in more ways than Mr. Bol ever knew.

May he rest in peace…

Manute Bol and Spud Webb...

Manute Bol and Spud Webb...

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