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Holloway Suspect Sought in Peru Murder,Joran van der Sloot Hacked Her To Pieces In A Motel Room…

The Aruban police allowed Natalie Holloway’s killer murder another young, and based on how he hacked this one apart…we now can understand why her remains have never been found.

Chances are that he dismembered Natalie.

Aruban prosecutor Peter Blanken, who has been part of the investigation into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, has learned that Joran van der Sloot is now a suspect in a new murder, that of a 21-year-old woman whose body was found in a hotel room in Lima, Peru. The prosecutor told CBS News that the allegation was a remarkable development and says that he is personally shocked by it.

Early Wednesday morning, Stephany Flores Ramirez was found dead, Peruvian newspaper El Comercio reports, in a hotel room registered under van der Sloot’s name. According to police reports, Ramirez had been brutally stabbed and was found wrapped in a blanket in a pool of blood.(CBS)

Officials believe Flores was killed exactly five years after Holloway’s May 30, 2005, disappearance.

A killer was set free to murder,rape, and kill again….the Aruban officials should be ashamed of themselves…Lets hope they get him this time.

The Girl Killer Jordan van der Sloot...

The Girl Killer Joran van der Sloot...

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12 Responses to “Holloway Suspect Sought in Peru Murder,Joran van der Sloot Hacked Her To Pieces In A Motel Room…”

  1. Hi I think this spoiled rich brat needs some heavy duty jail time or better yet lets hang him from a tree for it takes at least 5 minutes to die that way.He reminds me of a shark his eye’s show no life hidden behind them almost like he is really mad at women, how sad to die in such a fashion and then be cut up like a fish, at least this time he don’t have Daddy to get him out.. Or friends to help bury her.. I hope he does life… In prison the old ones love young men they will teach him some new ways of life in there…

    • Hang him because he murdered Stephany!!! Looks more like a premeditated murder case at least.

      • There is only undeniable evidence that Joran was the only one doing the attacking, and that Stephany was targeted to be killed at the Poker club, because he is a killer.
        Your attempt to re-vise the case as it stands only points to your possible bias towards murderers, or you are looking to make a shocking what kids do on the internet.

  2. Correct again Mr. Brice, Manslaughter is not hardly the greatest possible offenses, and only because it may have resulted in an excessive use of force by Joran when he murdered her. Plus, he has mitigating factors to assist him now, since he is such a coward.

  3. We will see…I’ll bet the farm on it.
    As for me not understanding law or Psychology, that’s funny!!because I bet I have won more cases for my clients than you, and psychology and legal knowledge from me by me, worked.

    My success in court for my clients stands as my basis for my theory here,…not emotional at all.
    When I state a case,it defines how I woud prosecute this case, and I would win,and he would face execution, if I was working with the prosecution on a strategy.
    His only hope is that he faces prosecutors that are unprepared to prosecute, like the kangaroo court in Aruba.
    FYI…heres a difficult case I consulted on and won:
    …show me yours if you have any.

  4. As I said..we shall see…

    What you got to put up…some more big bad talk?If you believe he’s so innocent, bail him out, and go back to his room with him.

    Let’s see if you would bet your life on his innocence.LOL

  5. I would be more than happy to publish a relevant response, no matter how disagreeable, but I will edit foolish responses.
    Come up with a cute,challenging response, not some made up weirdness…and I will not censor you at all.

    Answer the question asked,if you can, without twisting around and changing what is printed and asked above in my response, that’s all i am asking.We all can see what the exchange has been, so far, so why change the wording of my question.I am being fair with you, but that last response did not address what I said, at all.

    I hope you understand, I welcome disagreements with my post,i need that, but the comments have got to be lucid.

    You were on a roll…

    -JerryBrice-..or, to you,Jer!

    • Why you edit my foolish responses is your problem especially when I forget to take my meds. Try, instead, to just deal with the fact that I am an idiot, and you will eventually see just how sick I am in my head. Sounds like I am talking to myself, but the medicine does not work anymore so I troll blogs because I hate my life and I am so depressed I want to take my self out sometimes.

      • Hahaha…thats great,an ad hominem response!!!lol..

        So i guess you ran out of relevant resposes to the topic,so you gave up to attack me.

        I did not kill anybody,just reported the facts as i see them.
        it’s cool to disagree my me kid,and…
        don’t worry about my degrees or opportunities, it’s none of your business or your concern,and,..most importantly..

        It’s cool, I love a little foolishness, so click on the article as much as possible,but,
        limit the comments and personal attacks to joran the murderer, who you support.

        it’s your right young one.

  6. it’s funny how you go hard on me personally, but you are an apologist for this mass murderer Joran.

    You definitely have your priorities out of whack…it is all very suspicious.

  7. Ok, now I get your theory.

    Unfortunetly, though,none of the data supports any of your claims, which may be whimsical at best.

    i have worked on many lawsuits,and discovery, and our main rule was to base our clients defense off of facts, rather than made up fiction,especially if we wanted to win.
    If you possibly could point us all here to any statements,from any source that claims Stephany was a prostitute at all, then you may be on to something…
    Based on the documents i have on this case,your statements are libelous,and without any supporting documents to substantiate your claims here on a publicly broadcast site, a lawsuit for libel is warranted ,so , to thwart that,
    link us to your source that Stephany was ever accused of being a prostitute by anyone,other than you.
    Any media outlet that is legitimate.

    Lying and slandering someones good name is still a crime punishable by law,generally restitution and relief,so this is a good time for me to state to those that might file such a lawsuit…I take no responsibility or ownership of the factual or malicious statements made by my readers on my site.

    What you did, if you do not site proof when and if you are served with this lawsuit, or before, is Defamation of cCharacter,specifically Libel:
    There is precedence for just such a case concerning a libelous statement like the one you just made,if it goes unsubstantiated, on a blog.

    Good luck.

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