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Easy Rider And San Diegan Dennis Hopper, 1936-2010, Dead Today At The Age Of 74….

Jack Nicholson,Peter Fonda, and the acting profession in general, has lost one of its most uniquely eccentric practitioners of the stage and screen.

Dennis Hopper has died today at the age of 74, at his home in Venice, California.

It is believed he passed away from his battle with prostate cancer, and it is being reported that his family was by his side.(TMZ)

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Unfortunately, his last days were plagued by a heartless and conniving estranged wife Victoria Duffy, who was out to fleece him for all his money,and could care less that he was on his death-bed.

The State of California allows women to mistreat and abuse men in the divorce and family court system in order to extort money from men,because the court is tilted in favor of women.(PEREZ)

Like most scandalous women, she sought to not only an exorbitant alimony settlement, but like most trashy women that go down this route, she was also seeking to use the children to extort an unreasonable amount of child support, which we all knows never goes to the support of the child, just to the mother’s hairstylist, or current boyfriend.(TMZ)

The state allows this type of abuse, and it is deplorable. All Dennis wanted to do was to spend his last days with his children, and die in peace,but the ex-wife was sticking it to him all the way to the end.(SOURCE)

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Victoria Duffy’s heinous actions and abuse of family court and divorce court highlight’s the fact that this needs to change immediately, in honor of the memory and life of Dennis Hopper.It’s too late for Dennis, she successfully with the help of a twisted California system,made his last days a living hell.(SOURCE)

She deserves all of our disrespect, and she should be vilified.

Dennis Lee Hopper was born in Dodge City, Kansas, on May 17, 1936. He grew up in San Diego, California, and established an early reputation for stage work here in San Diego,Ca.

At the age of 13, Hopper and his family moved to San Diego, where his mother worked as a lifeguard instructor and his father was a post office manager (Hopper has acknowledged, though, that his father was in the OSS, the precursor to the CIA).Hopper was voted most likely to succeed by his high school class (Helix High School, La Mesa, California, a suburb of San Diego). It was there he developed an interest in acting, studying at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego.(WIKI)

At the age of 18, he became good friends with fellow actor James Dean,24, when the two of them appeared in the classic “Rebel Without A Cause” in 1955, as well as the movie “Giant” in 1956.

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Dean tragically died in a fatal car accident in 1955, and he left a lasting impression on the young Dennis Hopper.(CNN)

My favorite film role of Hopper’s was the bizarre character Frank, in David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet”, but he is most widely known for co-starring with Peter Fonda in the 1960’s hippie classic “Easy Rider”.

Dennis Hopper also directed the movie “Colors”, which introduced the audience to several new, young black and mexican actors and actresses, most notably Don Cheadle and Glen Plummer. It also provided rapper/actor Ice-T with one of his biggest hits to date!

One thing the audience could always depend of from him was a profound, and unique portrayal of whatever character he happened to be performing as,and he never lost the loyalty of the young audience, even as he advanced in age.

He was truly a remarkable actor, and a great human being…San Diego and the world salute our fallen star,and may you rest in peace…

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  1. A truly sad loss, Dennis was unique and will never be replaced.

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