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Toxic And Deadly ‘Miley Cyrus’ Poisonous Metal Cadmium-Laced Jewelry Finally Pulled From Wal-Mart Shelves…Many Children Are Possibly In Danger!!!

The merchandising chain Wal-Mart announced today that it is pulling the entire line of the ever popular  Miley Cyrus brand of jewelry, because the products have been proven to have a dangerous level of the toxic metal cadmium.(SOURCE)

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The move is in response to a newly released nationwide test performed for the Associated Press, in which several items from the Miley Cyrus jewelry line — sold exclusively at Wal-Mart — contained an unsafe level of cadmium … which can be very dangerous if ingested.

The AP notes that the items are not known to be dangerous if simply worn — but experts fear that the cadmium can enter a person’s system if the jewelry is “sucked, bitten or swallowed.” According to the report, long-term exposure to cadmium can lead to bone softening, kidney failure and other conditions.

The AP says Wal-Mart became aware the jewelry contained cadmium back in February, but continued selling the products anyway — until now.(

Cadmium poisoning can do a lot of destruction to a humans body,and my experience at URB magazine in the 90’s let’s me know that my readers want to know what kind of harm this drug will do to their systems, and as in this unfortunate case, the systems of their innocent, poisoned, unsuspecting little victims..

...Miley Cyrus deadly cadmium-laced bracelets...

Miley's cadmium-laced Wal-mart jewelry

Cadmium has no constructive purpose in the human body. Cadmium and its compounds are extremely toxic even in low concentrations, and will bioaccumulate in organisms and ecosystems(WIKI)…it can hinder brain development or cause kidney failure.

Long-term exposure to cadmium can lead to bone softening, extereme-kidney failure and other conditions.(

Miley Cyrus wants her fans to be safe, so I am pretty sure she would encourage all her little fans to dispose of any of this jewelry if they happen to own it,just to be safe.
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Read the full story here…


New York magazine

3 Responses to “Toxic And Deadly ‘Miley Cyrus’ Poisonous Metal Cadmium-Laced Jewelry Finally Pulled From Wal-Mart Shelves…Many Children Are Possibly In Danger!!!”

  1. It’s getting really difficult to find any safe toys for my kids.
    I recently found out about a website that offers do-it-yourself kits for detecting Cadmium and other toxins around the house. It’s a great simple solution.
    If anyone is interested search for: home-health-chemistry

    Keep safe,


  2. I am a middle school teacher in NC and came across your site while researching some information about the periodic table for my chemistry class this year. I just wanted to thank you for the great information.

    We would love it if you could write a few articles for us, but I understand if your busy so a link to some of the current articles would be very helpful as well to help us spread trusted resources to other teachers. I have included a link to our page about cadmium and its toxic effects in case you would like to help us out by linking to it, tweeting it, or adding it to your Facebook profile.

    Thanks and keep the great resources coming

    Bre Matthews

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