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Pakistan Bans Facebook Indefinitely Due To Disrespectful ‘Draw Mohammed Cartoon Day’ Protest

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority directed Internet service providers to block Facebook indefinitely on Wednesday because of an online competition to draw the Prophet Mohammad.(CNN)

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Any visual depiction of  Mohammed is deemed to be disrespectful and blasphemous,and have demanded that even those that do not worship Mohammed respect his image, and because they are vocal in their objections of Mohammed’s portrayal,many in the western find this an irresistible target to ridicule,malign,and disrespect.

The misguided protest encourages artist and cartoonist worldwide to denigrate and disrespect the prophet Mohammed after request and explanations of many who practice Islam,opting to insult a religion and it’s practitioners in an intolerant display of bad manners.

The protest takes place on May 20th,2010, and the organizers of the protest have set up a Facebook page,which is linked[ here].

Their motivation behind the protest is as follows and was quoted directly from their page….This page was created for free discussion of brutality of the radical aspects of Islam.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=pakistan&iid=8852044″ src=”9/4/f/e/Women_supporters_of_32e1.jpg?adImageId=12915328&imageId=8852044″ width=”234″ height=”147″ /]In 2005, more than 100 people were killed in “cartoon riots”. Instead of speaking out against this insanity, people of the free world were bullied into the corner and decided that it would be better to appease Islamists with self-censorship under the threat of violence, since there is certainly plenty of evidence that they are more than willing to deliver on their threats. “If you dare portray Mohammad or criticize Islam” – you can end up dead.

The message was clear – and we were willing to give up our rights and forsake our values under the threat of violence from a group of thugs.

In 2010, we reached a new low when Comedy Central has decided to remove any mention of the name “Mohammad” from an episode of South Park, again as result of death threats from people who claim to be followers of a “religion of peace”.

It’s time for us to speak out against this hypocrisy. No religion or culture is immune to criticism in a Western democracy. The more we continue to pander to Islamists and bend to their every whim, the worse it will get. The demands will only intensify and will gradually take away all our rights and way of life…

Mimi Sulpovar created her “Everybody Draw Mohammad” Facebook page on April 22 to protest what she calls the “manifestation of gradual silencing and subjugation” of free speech rights in the name of political correctness.

“I and members of my group feel that we, as citizens of the free world, should be able to discuss Islam openly and honestly — even if it means drawing Muhammad, being very critical of some of the elements of that religion and/or culture,” …(FOXNEWS)[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=pakistan&iid=8851908″ src=”a/9/d/9/A_woman_takes_2370.jpg?adImageId=12914799&imageId=8851908″ width=”234″ height=”143″ /]

The event organizers also claim that this is note a “Hate Muslims/Hate Islam” campaign,but what they have to understand that it will only fan the flames of Islamaphobia that currently exist in the western world,especially in America.

I would encourage both sides to seek a common ground of respect for each others wishes, and remember that it is honorable to respect the wishes of our fellow-man,….if at all possible.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=pakistan&iid=8851660″ src=”1/0/f/7/Pakistani_students_hold_5876.jpg?adImageId=12914795&imageId=8851660″ width=”380″ height=”261″ /]

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Al Jazeera news

3 Responses to “Pakistan Bans Facebook Indefinitely Due To Disrespectful ‘Draw Mohammed Cartoon Day’ Protest”

  1. Plzzzzzz Plzzzzzzz Plzzzzzzzz Provide Me The E-Mail Address Of MIMI SULPOVAR !!!!! I Am Going To Explain That Little Bitch Of What Consequece U Will Have To Face If U Will Not Delete The Facebook Page Of The Competition She Is Organizing On May 20th !!!!!!

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!

  2. Relax Aamir and remember your teachings. People like mimi are only hurting there own karma and there is a God to take care of such things. I think we should concentrate on being better human beings than people like mimi sulpovar.

    • Sally are you muslim. If yes then you must shame on your self. being a better human being is good but the most important thing is give your life on the way of allah and prophet hazrat muhammad (s.a.w). If we do not do that the thing then the better person is a non-sense. First thing is Allah and Second is Muhammad (S.A.W) as our Kalma. If you don’t believe on kalma, are you muslim? NO…. Then if she is out of your reach and you still say that leave it(ALLAH Forgive me), then i’m sorry you are not muslim and unfortunately you are out of Islam. If any one have a doubt on this mail me on my e-mail address

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