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NBA Ref Joe Derosa Angrily Throws Ball Into Crowd At Heckling Fan In Orlando!!!…Punish Him Like You Did Ron Artest!!!

Veteran NBA referee Joe Derosa snapped during tonight’s East Coast championship game 2 in Orlando, Florida,because a fan was heckling him…as many fans tend to do, at every sporting event in the world.

NBA referee Joe Derosa in action...

…it’s pretty much a part of what has become known as “home court advantage”. I have done it myself…but it is unusual for a referee to answer back,or to even engage the fans in an argument or physical altercation.

The fan, Franz Hanning, 55, is the CEO and President of Wyndham Vacation Ownership and is believed to be an acquaintance of Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers.(SOURCE)

To compound the assault on the fan by the referee,the referee had security kick Hanning out of the arena after he threw the ball back at Derosa!?!?

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=orlando+magic&iid=8847635″ src=”d/e/4/1/Boston_Celtics_at_048c.jpg?adImageId=12907841&imageId=8847635″ width=”234″ height=”223″ /]I do not know what Mr.Hanning said to Derosa, but whatever it was,it still does not justify an NBA official attacking him, a fan,who was simply cheering on and supporting his favorite team.

I also believe that if the NBA is to be respected, they must punish this referee in the same manner as it punished Ron Artest for attacking several fans in the stands at the end of an infamous Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons game on November 19, 2004, at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan.(VIDEO)

Artest was playing for the Pacers, the visiting team, when someone in the audience threw a bottle at him, and Artest entered the stands, swinging.

With less than a minute left in the game, a fight broke out between players on the court. As the fight was being broken up, a cup of soda was thrown from the stands at then-Pacer player Ron Artest, who entered the crowd sparking a massive brawl between players and fans.

The repercussions led to nine players being suspended without pay for a total of 146 games, which led to $10 million in salary being lost by the players. Five players were also charged with assault, and all five were eventually sentenced to a year on probation and community service. Five fans were also legally charged, and John Green, who threw the cup at Artest, received a lifetime ban from attending Pistons home games. The fight also led the NBA to increase security presence between players and fans, and to limit the sale of alcohol.(WIKI)[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=ron+artest&iid=6608280″ src=”7/7/5/f/Premiere_Of_Touchstone_5b0c.jpg?adImageId=12907870&imageId=6608280″ width=”234″ height=”337″ /]

Artest was given the longest suspension; he was suspended for the remainder of the 2004–05 NBA season, a suspension which eventually totaled 86 games (73 regular season and 13 subsequent playoff games), the longest suspension ever levied for a fight during an NBA game. The players suspended also lost in excess of $11 million in salary due to the suspensions, with Artest alone losing almost $5 million…

The NBA must show some consistency with their punishment in this case, and do the right thing.

NBA spokesperson Tim Frank said the league is aware of the incident and will review the matter following the game.

We will be watching this for further developments…and , by the way,the Celtic’s beat the Magic for a second straight game,92-88,seizing a commanding 2-0 lead in the best of 7 east coast championship series.

…it’s a wrap Orlando, because I doubt if the Celtics will lose more than one game…if even that.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=joe+derosa&iid=8494812″ src=”2/8/2/0/Oklahoma_City_Thunder_2535.jpg?adImageId=12907787&imageId=8494812″ width=”234″ height=”167″ /]

As a basketball fan, I am anticipating a Lakers-Celtics match-up for the NBA championship, but anything is possible…

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=ron+artest&iid=8008086″ src=”9/5/3/2/Boston_Celtics_at_93e2.jpg?adImageId=12907886&imageId=8008086″ width=”380″ height=”327″ /]

12 Responses to “NBA Ref Joe Derosa Angrily Throws Ball Into Crowd At Heckling Fan In Orlando!!!…Punish Him Like You Did Ron Artest!!!”

  1. I wouldn’t compare gently tossing a ball to a fan to a player running into the stands and slugging someone.

    • You would not, but the police and civil court will….
      The NBA suspends players for leaving the bench, and stepping as little as a half-inch onto the court,if an altercation is occurring…EVEN IF the player does not get involved,or swing a punch.
      Being consistent with their own line of thinking, this assault, albeit not that egregious,is in fact an assault on a fan, by an official of the NBA.
      …but it’s always good to know that there are some lenient people out there like you, but the NBA is not lenient at all….

    • David “Napolean” Stern has a no forgiving discipline policy towards players who might take one step on the court during a game. He has ruined enough playoffs with that (seen phoenix and knicks)…This ref could’ve caused a melee. He happened to throw ball to a fan, who apparently knew how to conduct himself. But someone else and it could’ve kicked off a riot. Suspend the ref; Otherwise Stern has no credibility. Which lets face he really doesn’t anyway. But this ref was totally out of bounds.

  2. Jerry,
    You are an idiot! This was not an assault. Stop making more out of this than necessary. You are obviously just looking for publicity about something that you know nothing about and don’t understand. Choose a new profession. You are not good at this one.

    • Matt,
      You’re the idiot, not Jerry. One of the many definitions of assault in today’s society is “offensive physical contact.” Whether it is simply touching someone intentionally or intentionally throwing an object at them that makes contact with their body, this is all defined as assault, no questions asked in the court of law. Joe Derosa made a very poor decision in acting in the manner he did, especially considering his actions were being broadcasted on national tv.


  3. Why does Joe DeRosa have any more authority to have the fan kicked out than the fan does to have Joe kicked out. Joe intiated the confrontation or certainly escalted this. Who has the authority to eject Mr DeRosa from the building ??? , or does he have rank over all in attendance ? You will see that David Stern will do nothing here as he is biggest coward in professional sports. He stands behind glass doors and fines anyone who opposes his stance and direction . NBA referees are just a part of a very suspect industy ( ie “Tim Donaghy” ) .

    Do you really think that “TD” controlled those games himself for over 5 years without the aid or knowledge of other refs ??? “Really”???

  4. If assault is characterized by the definition mentioned above then it could follow that the ref was verbally assaulted by the “Fan” who by the way is a Chief Executive Officer of the world’s largest timeshare company. If I were an investor in this guy’s company I’d think twice. I wouldn’t want to have some hot head running his mouth off to a respected official at a higher level if he can’t even keep his composure with an NBA referee.

    • A comment is covered under the freedom of speech provision in the Constitutoion,and successful CEO’s of major corporations like this gentleman still have their right to their freedom of speech.

      The CEO is smart enough to know not to commit a physical assault on another human being.

      If he did not request the ball to be thrown to or at him,and it was done so in anger, it is a simple case of assault.

  5. You commenters are all stupid, bunch of idiots commenting on something stupid.

  6. […] NBA Ref Joe Derosa Angrily Throws Ball Into Crowd At Heckling Fan In Orlando!!!…Punish Him Lik… […]

  7. Hehe am I literally the only comment to this awesome read!?

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