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Rampaging Wild and Crazy Fox Attacks And Bites 3 People, Officer Shoots It!!!…(VIDEO)

Today,the AP is reporting an unfortunate encounter between nature and civilization.

Police in Tyrone, Georgia say a police officer killed a fox after the animal bit three men at a body shop in the Fayette County community. One man, Walter Wilson, says he received puncture wounds to his arm when the fox lunged for his face.

The fox bit the other men after they hit it with a shovel and a fire extinguisher, trying to get the animal out of the body shop. (SOURCE)

These guys sound like geniuses!!!

Given the fact that the fox only bit the men AFTER he was hit with a fire extinguisher and a shovel,I think that it’s reaction shown in the behavior exhibited on the tape, is reasonable.

I have many wild coyotes that pass through my property, and we must all be able to co-exist with one another. When I see one , I leave it alone, and just avoid it.

If one becomes a problem, I call on a professional.

I am pretty sure that attacking the animal, who probably had other unknown and ¬†debilitating issues,…was not the best course of action for the fox, or any of the humans involved.

Looks like they all lost, and will all suffer some pain….unfortunately, the fox, unnecessarily had to lose his life.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=fox+hunt&iid=3118029″ src=”e/8/c/c/Hunts_Take_Place_1937.jpg?adImageId=12904798&imageId=3118029″ width=”380″ height=”246″ /]

Let me know what you think….

3 Responses to “Rampaging Wild and Crazy Fox Attacks And Bites 3 People, Officer Shoots It!!!…(VIDEO)”

  1. Actually, the footage shown is of the initial attack. The guy was just walking between the two buildings when the fox ran out and started to attack him.
    It was only after the first attack and when it ran to the shop, that the workers inside hit it with a shovel and fire extinguishers.
    That’s when the two officers arrived and shot it.

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