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Here’s Proof That Most Crime BLAMED On Black Men…Is Actually Perpetrated By Lying-Sadistic White Cops!!!!…White Cop Shoots Himself, Said Black Man Did It!!!

I am proud of the fact that today in America, in the era of President Obama…the citizens of the United States of America are finally getting a chance to witness the racism,corruption and lies about black men, that are perpetrated by most police forces across America,like the racist bigoted rogue Phoenix Arizona cop Brian Authement, and the officer I am highlighting here today,Philadelphia Sgt. Robert Ralston, 46.

Sergeant Ralston, shot himself and blamed his attack on an unknown black man.He claims to have blamed it on a black man, because he knows that the lies and false propaganda about black men being violent and vicious animatistic raping criminals…has been effective in the hearts and minds of many in America, even though none of it is true.

…Some are violent, but not because of their race, religion or culture….but,only because they are violent!

…it  is all a lie, just like the claims made by this bigoted Philly cop.

Ralston reported that on April 5 he saw two African-American males arguing on a train track in West Philadelphia. He told investigators that when he stopped the two men for questioning one of them pulled out a gun and shot him in the left shoulder…His claim sparked a search for a phantom suspect.

Ramsey noted that there were many inconsistencies throughout the month-long investigation.

“The evidence never did match up. We have forensic evidence at the scene that did not match with the story,” he said…(SOURCE)

I bet a lot of innocent black men were harassed and beaten that day because of this cops lies…

The 21-year veteran of the force has been suspended with intent to dismiss. In fact, Ramsey went so far as to say they’re not only going to take his badge away but they’re never going to re-issue that number again because Ralston “disgraced the badge.”(SOURCE)

I know all police men are not bad, but I hate the fact that they believe it is an act of loyalty to support the reprehensible actions of some of their police brethren..but it is literally an act of betrayal against the public that they are sworn to protect, so in actuality, they are all betraying our trust, as in this case of this lying Philadelphian cop!!!!…

Lying racist cop Ralston...

Lying racist cop Ralston...

“Why” it always comes down racially???… is a matter of history….you tell me.

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One Response to “Here’s Proof That Most Crime BLAMED On Black Men…Is Actually Perpetrated By Lying-Sadistic White Cops!!!!…White Cop Shoots Himself, Said Black Man Did It!!!”

  1. He is saying the first thing he thinks is apt to be believed, unfair but true. What I dont understand is why they dont mention the odvious, I could be wrong, but I think he shot someone, panicked, came up with his fake story and shot himself to be more credible. Who did he shoot is the question? Did they find the other bullet he fired supposedly at black male?

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