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Angry,Half-Cocked TSA Worker,Arrested For Fighting Co-Workers At Airport,Mad That The Full Body- Image- Scanner Revealed His …’Shortcomings’.

TSA workers at the Miami International Airport got into a brawl amongst each other ,because of an incident that was bound to happen given the nature of American’s to have fun and kid each other ,cajole and PUNK our friends and family.

Sometimes things go to far, get too personal, or one of the targets of the jokes, may take some of the roasting,personally.

TSA screener Rolando Negrin,44, a Miami International Airport security screener has been arrested for allegedly beating up a co-worker after enduring months of jokes about the lack of  size of the his genitalia as observed by his colleagues,both male and female, during training with a full-body scanning machine.(SOURCE)

The X-ray revealed that Negrin has a small penis and co-workers made fun of him on a daily basis!!!….

Rolando at first was a good sport, taking the jokes about his small penis lightly,but it obviously began to haunt him,as the ribbing continued from his co-workers.It had to have affected his ego-and if he is having a run of bad luck with the ladies,it became a sensitive topic to him.

After all,he was just doing his job and being professional when he stepped into that body scanner,and he had no idea that doing his job, could lead to revealing a personal shortcoming.

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=airport+scanner&iid=8257125″ src=”1/9/a/8/TSA_Debuts_Full_d160.jpg?adImageId=12781434&imageId=8257125″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]Negrin reportedly passed through the screener during a training session on how to use the device, and the revealing x-ray image of him produced by the x-ray prompted teasing from coworkers, “who joked about the size of the man’s genitalia,” the Huffington Post reports.(SOURCE)

Negrin stepped into the machine during the training session and became embarrassed and angry when a supervisor started cracking jokes about his manhood, made visible by the new machine.

Months of joking culminated on Tuesday night, when Negrin attacked co-worker Hugo Osorno in an employee parking lot, according to an arrest report.

Negrin stated “he could not take the jokes any more and lost his mind,” said the report, made public Thursday.

The agitated screener forced Osorno to his knees and made him apologize before whacking him on the back and arms with the baton, according to the report.

Negrin, who posted $7,500 bond on Wednesday night, is charged with aggravated battery.(SOURCE)

I bet he that he lost his mind, especially if he has to walk around with everyone knowing that he is a big guy,but not big all over!!!…I know I would be!!!That’s the type of information one would probably choose to keep private…

Negrin was arrested and booked into Miami-Dade County Jail. His arrest photo shows him wearing his blue TSA shirt at the time of the arrest.

I find it ironic that this person is in law enforcement, AND that he used a baton,a pretty phallic symbol of male dominance,to beat his co-worker with.

…I wonder if that made him feel like a big man…but for now we will call officer Rolando Negrin the Half-Cocked-Cop!!![picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=airport+scanner&iid=8257130″ src=”2/b/2/d/TSA_Debuts_Full_b7ca.jpg?adImageId=12781441&imageId=8257130″ width=”234″ height=”151″ /]

The public just needs to know that this type of ridicule and inappropriate behavior is inevitable when we subject the public to these full body scanners,when they are going to be handled by our fellow citizens.

In a free society,I do not see any way to prevent the security personnel from using the full body scans as a source of humor,and one can only predict the price that a gossip mag would pay to obtain a body scanned image of some of our favorite celebrities…They too have the right to their Freedom of speech.

The Half Cocked TSA Cop is just the beginning….

I thought this story was too funny to resist! Ladies, does size make a difference at all for you???Comment here, and let Rolando know!!!….

Rolando Negrin...the Half- Cocked-Cop!!! mad about his small penis jokes...

Rolando Negrin...the Half- Cocked-Cop!!! mad about his small penis jokes...

Read the full story here…

New York Daily News

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