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3 Year-Old Boy Stabbed 20 Times By His Insane California Mother…Struggling To Survive

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Vanessa Rincon, 30, of Fresno,California,stabbed her 3 year-old toddler Noah Rincon,…over 20 times!!!…the crazed single mom stabbed and pushed him down the stairs.(VIDEO)

He was found face down at the bottom of a stairway in his mother’s apartment by paramedics, and is listed in critical condition.He was taken to Community Regional Medical Center, and it is a miracle that he is still alive at all.

Let’s all wish him well in his fight to recover, and pray for his survival from this vicious act of betrayal…

The woman told officers she stabbed her son, but police do not know why she did it, Fresno Police Chief Jerry  Dyer said, and in a fit of hysterical rage, she was yelling at the paramedics to leave her son alone, while they were saving his life,because the baby had puncture wounds all over his body.

Vanessa Rincon Stabbed Her 3 Year-Old Toddler Over 20 Times

Vanessa Rincon Stabbed Her 3 Year-Old Toddler Over 20 Times

She had to be held back by and physically restrained by the police officers and first responders, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

Christina Esqueda,the woman’s sister,said she had cut off contact with Rincon after suspecting her sister was on drugs.

…looks like she probably needed to intervene and help her nephew out, especially knowing that her sister was a drug addict…on meth or a combination of narcotics.
It seems very careless and somewhat heartless to leave two toddlers in the care of a known drug and alcohol abuser….but it happens every day.
Families must intercede to assist their younger relatives in their survival, if they are in danger.It is as simple as that!!!

The authorities found a 2 year-old little girl, her daughter, also in the apartment, thankfully unharmed.She is in the safety and custody of Child Protective Services today, which is not all that great,…but it sure beats potentially being stabbed to death by your own mother.
The woman will likely be held on suspicion of attempted murder, Dyer said. He added that neither police nor CPS had any prior contact with the woman.(SOURCE)
It is being reported that Vanessa Rincon is under suicide watch, after threatening to kill herself while in custody…
Sounds like she needs some very much-needed mental assistance, and I hope she receives it while serving her time in prison.

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Read the full story here…

5 Responses to “3 Year-Old Boy Stabbed 20 Times By His Insane California Mother…Struggling To Survive”

  1. I saw prison is way to good for this witch she needs to be put on death row and sweat it out, see death coming for her. Anyone that treats a child in this way should be just lined up by a wall and shot. I really dislike people like this, for they don’t deserve kids and if this little guy makes it, he’ll have nightmares for-ever all about his mother and if no one is careful he could turn to hate women when he’s older and then become a killer for they say it starts at home.. The prison is full of people that had issues when they were small and at home and for some they killed others to feel better… Sad thing she did..

  2. I meant I say not saw oops..

  3. this (animal) mother dont deserve death row because in california u never get put to death. maybe she will just kill herself, im sorry im out raged @ this sick weirdo, whats more sickening is her sister that said she felt bad for her because she is a single mother of two kids wow!!!! do u no how many women are single mothers? they dont go around stabbing there kids. and the sister didnt even mention anything about her nephew and show any sorrow toward him being stabbed 20 ties hellooooo its the child that was the victim not ur weird sister!!!! thank god the other baby is in child protective services and not with the family because u can tell the apple dont fall far from the tree and sickness runs in there family. i never thought id say a kid is better off in cps but after hearing the aunt talk she is just as psycho as her sister, i hope that mother hangs. i can imagine what that baby felt when she was stabbing him with that knife and then rolling him down the stairs, iv never disliked some1 in my life like i do this person.

  4. oh and its sad that the family would leave the kids with this animal if they new she was bad on drugs, apparently there a disfunctional family that dont care about no one but themselves the aunt sure showed the public that she is a heartless person when she didnt show any remorse toward her nephew being stabbed she looked like she was talking about the weather. pleaseeee keep the other child away from that family.

  5. that lady is sick, how can you just stabbe a 3 year old? how can you even think about hurting an inocent little child. i know for a fact he didn’t deserve that, she does not deserve to be a mother not even to be called a mother, no mother no parent would never wan’t to hurt there child. i know some challenged people that have kids i don’t see them doing that. at least they have more common sence then these idots these days. whats wrong with the world these days.

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