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Neocon Republican Terrorist Deliberately Spill 3 Million Gallons Of Oil Into The Gulf Of Mexico….

The neocons have spilled 3 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico possibly in retaliation over their monumental defeat in both houses of Congress over the Healthcare reform law.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=sarah+palin&iid=8517004″ src=”2/6/3/6/An_opponent_holds_8b42.jpg?adImageId=12750843&imageId=8517004″ width=”234″ height=”159″ /]They hate American freedoms so much, that they have unleashed a wave of domestic terrorism here on our shores,by sacrificing the pristine Gulf, possibly destroying the livelihoods of millions of Southern coastal dwellers that depend on the Gulf for their survivals.

The neocons are the ones that stopped any government oversight and regulation of the destructive offshore oil drilling industry, they take payoffs from big offshore oil conglomerates,so this blood is on their hands.(CBS NEWS)

The party of …“Drill,Drill,Drill!!!”…or even more infantile …“Drill Baby Drill”…and Sarah Palin must pay for this catastrophe of biblical proportions by banishing them from our country.They ran on the “big offshore oil” platform, so they should die right along with the Gulf of Mexico….a metaphorical death possibly, because God will be their final judge.

Domestic Terrorist Sarah Palin...Drill Baby Drill...FAIL!!!

Domestic Terrorist Sarah Palin...Drill Baby Drill...FAIL!!!

I must remind you all of the fact that Rush Limbaugh PROMISED Americans that if President Obama prevailed in his quest for Healthcare reform, that he would leave the country.(SOURCE)

It looks like the only reason he stayed, was to pull off the nations worst disaster in history…it’s called “Probable Cause”

I agree with Rush on only one thing;the president is too soft on terrorist. I suggest that as a nation and people, that we demand that the President get tough on terrorist…starting with our nations top domestic terrorist-Rush Limbaugh!!!

…he has destroyed the Gulf,a way of life that has thrived for centuries, and should be tried for treason and terrorist acts against the United States of America!!!

The Tea baggers named their party after the Boston Tea Party ,who,in protest to our former British rulers, polluted Boston Harbor by dumping bags of tea into the harbor.

Sounds like they are up to their old tricks,except this time around, it’s not British rulers they hate…it is our own government and citizens that they are attacking, and instead of tea…they have escalated to the use of their own crude oil…and their enemy is our own people.

Wake up America…before these idiots destroy our country over ideology!!!

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=gulf+oil+spill&iid=8603249″ src=”5/c/8/f/Fire_boat_response_abb3.jpg?adImageId=12750781&imageId=8603249″ width=”234″ height=”170″ /]

Read more on this devastating tragedy here….


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One Response to “Neocon Republican Terrorist Deliberately Spill 3 Million Gallons Of Oil Into The Gulf Of Mexico….”

  1. I can believe it. I would not put anything past those glorified white trash bigots.

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