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Dead Man Riding A Motorcycle Post-Mortem!!!…Literally Ghost Ridin’ The Whip!!!

If you think the “Bodyworlds” is kind of …well, creepy,you really need to check this video out!!!(VIDEO)

A young man, David Morales Colon,22, a courier and a motorcycle enthusiast, was murdered on Thursday, April 22 2010.The Marin Funeral Home in Puerto Rico was contacted to exhibit his remains, riding on his favorite motorcycle, per his request.

This is the same funeral home which in 2008 embalmed “El Muerto Parado” (The Dead Man Standing) who’s wish it was to be buried in that manner, an idea he got from a song by Ruben Blades.

Morales favorite motorcycle was a Honda CBR600 F4, and after the funeral,he was placed in a casket and buried, as is the law in Puerto Rico.

'Bodyworlds' display of a young man skateboarding...

'Bodyworlds' display of a young man skateboarding...

This is as creepy as the ‘Bodyworlds’ exhibition, which is a traveling exhibition of preserved human bodies and body parts that are prepared using a technique called plastination to reveal inner anatomical structures.(WIKI)

The dead bodies are presented in action poses,and are somewhat dismembered to reveal the inner anatomy of the human body, which is very educational,but still somewhat disturbing.

I have seen “Bodyworlds” twice, and will never forget it.

I don’t know how I might react to viewing a loved on in such a state as David Colon, at their funeral…but if it was their last wish…why not?

R.I.P. David Morales Colon….

David Morales Colon....Dead Man Riding....

David Morales Colon...Dead Man Ghost Riding The Whip!!!

Comment and let me know if this creeps you out at all….

2 Responses to “Dead Man Riding A Motorcycle Post-Mortem!!!…Literally Ghost Ridin’ The Whip!!!”

  1. This is trash.Don’t trust this because how will be the dead man riding the bike.It is impossible.Even it is possible when the bike is controled by the new person.

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