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More Evidence Of Police Brutality On A Citizen!!!…Ohio Jail Guard Recorded Hitting Inmate…(VIDEO)

The most ridiculous thing I have heard recently from a local politician is that …he will always vote to put more cops on the streets,…even if he has evidence that the police force is brutalizing his constituents.

It is this simple-simon line of thinking that has worked against Phoenix Council Man Michael Johnson,who, as the lone black city council member in that hateful city and state,that spearheaded a campaign to get an emergency food tax in order to create much-needed financial support to put more police on the streets, especially in his largely minority community.

What happened next is…as I was told by a politician…ironic.

Council man Johnson was beat-up and brutalized by the very cops he let loose on his community, even though he knew they were all bigoted, racist Nazi storm troopers.(VIDEO)[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=police+brutality&iid=3618491″ src=”b/6/f/2/f2.JPG?adImageId=12705292&imageId=3618491″ width=”234″ height=”195″ /]

Obviously, his stance, although there was nothing in it for him other than a beat down…delighted his white counter parts in the city, simply because they enjoy seeing us attempt to cut the throats of our own communities with these violent cops, by thinking it will please the progeny of our former slave masters, and maybe they will see the black council member as one of their colleagues, when in fact, they know you will never be anything but a coon in a suit.(VIDEO)

The AP is providing weekly clips of police brutality that occurs on a regular basis across our nation, and they bring to the light the fact that there is a lack of professional police in law enforcement, but rather it seems to be a haven for those among us that are masochistic to other human life,and are lacking basic human compassion for their fellow-man.

A Ohio jail deputy has been suspended for 10 days for using excessive force on an inmate in an incident captured on video. The man was suspected of drunken-driving!!!!

…since when is a D.U.I. a license for the police to slap and kick you around like what these cops are doing to this poor gentleman?!?

Summit County Deputy Jeffrey Dempsey in Akron also was ordered to get counseling for the Feb. 21 incident in the jail booking area.

The video shows Dempsey ordering a drunken-driving suspect to put down a portable fingerprint reader and getting an obscene gesture in response.Dempsey then ordered the man to “get up” and struck him in the head, grabbed him by the neck and took him to the floor.

Dempsey, who doesn’t have a phone listing in the Akron area, could not be reached for comment. His union leader says Dempsey accepts the disciplinary action.(SOURCE)

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=police+brutality&iid=6892237″ src=”5/b/6/5/March_Against_Police_ccb3.jpg?adImageId=12705305&imageId=6892237″ width=”380″ height=”570″ /]

He needs to be fired…and the victim should sue the police force for as much money as humanly possible!!!!…I am pretty sure there a several lawyers that will be willing to press this case further,for a cut, as well as to make sure that every aspect of justice is served…

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