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Car Dangles From Parking Garage!!!!….Bumper Not Damaged!!!!(VIDEO)

Now…here’s something you don’t see everyday….a car perilously dangling 6 stories over the side of a multi-story parking garage,AFTER it had been driven through the wall of the parking garage!!!(SOURCE)

A Oklahoma man,Ralph Huson, 67, nearly drove his car through the sixth floor of a parking garage,but luckily for him,it stopped halfway through, and he was able to escape with his life.(SOURCE)

The driver,who some are declaring to be the ‘Worst Driver Ever’, claims that he mistakenly hit the accelerator when he was actually trying to depress the brakes…or that his foot got stuck UNDER the accelerator???

…sounds plausible to me,…but that has only happened to me when I was blitzed out of my mind, and definitely unable to drive,or make life or death decisions coherently.

This is the kind of accident that only happens if you are drunk, high,diabetic,or…possibly elderly!!!

The exact condition that this Tulsa driver may have been afflicted with, is unknown to us at press time,but please tell me this driver was on some sort of medication,because that may explain this accident.

…might be time to give up driving?!?…something Mr. Huson’s family might want to consider…due to the looks of this crash.

Tulsa Police say no ticket was issued.

Other than that,check out the lack of damage to the Mercedes-Benz bumper, and peep the video of the car–there is no visible damage to the car!?!?!Most cars would be squashed at the point of impact,given that the building is made of bricks,steel, and concrete.

The cars below the accident,unfortunately sustained a great deal of damage from the falling debris, but the Mercedes itself, as you can see,looks pristine.

This could be a good reason to buy a Mercedes….especially if you are a bad driver like this person in Tulsa, Oklahoma!!!

Ralph Huson's Mercedes dangling 7 stories outside a parking garage!!!

Ralph Huson's Mercedes dangling 6 stories outside a parking garage!!!

No one was injured in this accident…so it’s okay to laugh at this situation…(SOURCE)

Source:Tulsa World News

One Response to “Car Dangles From Parking Garage!!!!….Bumper Not Damaged!!!!(VIDEO)”

  1. That Merc has just punched through the wall like a tank. If definitely says a lot for German build quality!

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