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Dying Man Ignored on N.Y. Sidewalk…The Most “Messed-Up” Thing I Have Seen All Year!!!(VIDEO)

This video is by far the worst thing I have seen on tape this year!!! about man’s inhumanity to man!!!,and human brutality!!!! …this is simply  a display of how dispassionate our society has become.

Most people would stop to assist a wounded animal, but as you can see here,…a human life means nothing to them, as long as they do not have to get involved.

A homeless man,Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax,31,was a faceless Guatemalan immigrant, who was stabbed when he rushed to assist a woman being attacked on a New York City street died on the sidewalk as pedestrians strolled by, apparently unaware or uncaring that he needed help.

It’s ironic that Hugo died attempting to intercede to help a young lady from this attacker, and in turn, the young lady did absolutely nothing to help poor Hugo.

We all would like for there to be a hero like Hugo there to help out our wife,daughter, or relative, if she were to encounter a violent attacker,…but I would expect for her to come back or call for further assistance,to make sure that the hero is safe.

This, as you can see, did not happen for Hugo…for several hours,as he lay in street in full view,…bleeding to death!!!

We are better than this people….do not give in to becoming less than animals ourselves.

Love your fellow-man, and treat every man in a way you want to be treated….period.

…or our future possibility as men is in jeopardy.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=Homeless+people&iid=8601647″ src=”0/a/9/3/Homeless_in_Washington_6965.JPG?adImageId=12671964&imageId=8601647″ width=”380″ height=”245″ /]


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12 Responses to “Dying Man Ignored on N.Y. Sidewalk…The Most “Messed-Up” Thing I Have Seen All Year!!!(VIDEO)”

  1. Some people just don’t do anything for they are afraid to do so how sad that you would have to die in such a fashion, the lady he tried to help should have helped him when he needed her the most, God may not forgive them because on judgement day they may not make it throught those gates.. If I had been there I would have called for help and then waited for the cops and who ever to come. In fact I only see just a hand full walking through. Oh you all beware of the national Id Card of 2005 our gov is trying to pass this on us so they can keep tabs on us.. Beware… They are talking about this right now and Remeber when Obama promised no higher tax on lower class well he lied he is going to do it anyway..

  2. well…i hope the card activates the ‘compassion’ button in American citizens…but..other than that-
    I think that statement is sooo way off topic and random, considering this is an article on a man dying on the street while people just step over him.

    I got plenty of Neocon bashing articles on my blog to go thrash president Obama and me on…

  3. …and I bet the lady he rescued,and did not return the a Republican independent-tea bagger…
    because she acted as selfish and self centered as all of your ilk.

    …i mean,she “should have ‘helped him out…but since there is no law compelling her to help out her fellow man, she did what you neocons do, and chose not to.


  4. Just so you know I am a animal control officer and I pick up people who break the law by abusing animals so if I found someone that was in need of help I would do my best to make sure they got it. I am not a self centered individual like most of the people in the world are for they just think about themselves all the time.. My choice is to help not just stand there or walk by and do nothing. I also work for the nursing homes part time so don’t even get me started about not helping someone.

  5. Great!!!…you always come off as a good person:)

  6. That is because I am,and just who are you? I live in a small town and we all look after each other. Maybe you don’t have that option to do what I do every day, so maybe you should get out and do more for others for it gives you a good feeling, makes up for those days you cannot do anything to help when someone dies in your arms. I see death all the time and it shakes my tree but thats life and I just keep going…

  7. I am fine…I get around, and I have have lot’s of experience with assisting all.
    I was just confused by your off-topic statement, that was very uncharacteristic for you.
    Other than that, I am not mad at you….and that’s that.I hope we all can continue to do our part to make society more free.

  8. I suppose so but when people question me on things I say whats on my mind its a habit I have sometimes its good and sometimes its bad what can I say. There are some indeed that take our way of life for granted, they don’t stop to think what if? what if it happened to me would anyone stop? I think to when ya live in a bigger city people just don’t care if ya get raped or shot or what ever they don’t like to be involved and they should because it could end up being them someday..And yet they have the freedom and the power to change. If our life cont down this path our freedom will be gone and none of us will have a say on anything let alone have a hand gun to protect yourself with for our amendment rights are slowly being removed inch by inch so if ya don’t wake up to whats going on around you it could be to late.Better make changes now than later and fight the devil in a suit.. I feel for the guy on the video he was just trying to help the lady but it got him no where and she is selfish I hope she can sleep at night shame on her.Drop in anytime

  9. It’s really has nothing to do with the city being big,just the people,not all but some, acting really small.
    I live in a big city, and my neighbors and friends would, and have went out of their way to help each other.
    I think what’s going on here is racism.
    I can get treated like a criminal or potential criminal if I venture out by myself to a white part of town, for some reason, simply because people that segregate themselves into their little areas, do it in order to separate themselves from the minority population.

    Look around your small town , and tell me if that is not the case there.
    Luckily for our community, there are more multi-cultural areas now than ever, but that antebellum republican unsubstantiated bigotry and elitism still exist in a small part of our community, and when I do travel to small towns in any region of America, I tend to find that along with that small town, I should expect to be discriminated against, given that I am a black man, and that small town is small, in order to exclude, or subjugate me to racist treatment,or to allow your children not to be raised with mine.
    That’s why some of your citizens moved there in the first place.

    So, my perception of a small american town is not good, if you enjoy a rich ethnically diverse population.
    I have no way of knowing your personal race, or if your community is like the majority of small towns in America, which are typically havens for bigots, that hate the diversity we have in large cities.

    I think I will pass on the lynch mob, but as you can see, perceptions are rather different between you and I.
    In ethically diverse communities we are forced to understand each other, and relate to one another in a civilized manner.Sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not, but we move forward anyhow.

    This wave of unsubstantiated paranoia in America, is making our country sick.
    I.E….Your claims of our freedoms and liberties being eliminated by our government is untrue;and a lie that is being perpetrated by the neocons….but with no proof, of any action like that at all.In fact…what are you referring to specifically?
    So…I offer you this,…explain to us all here with some proof,..that our President and our current government officials are doing ANYTHING that you claim.
    So, when you get finished explaining something that is a lie, and basically crazy,i.e. Obama’a Muslim, he is a socialist-facist,death panels etc tact etc blah blah blah???
    ..if you guys say it enough, maybe you will hypnotize yourself into believing all of that blabber.
    …sounds like the motivation behind these lies is hate,bigotry, racism and ignorance.

    If you are a educated person, and it’s cool to back any political party you choose, try to ding people or opposing candidates with some actual realistic ideological differences, rather than whipping up the KKKLan with all this ignorance and unsubstantiated lies that the Tea Party racist are spreading to those that hate black men being in power…because it’s making all of you sound like crazy racist bigots reaching for any reason to hate our black president, because you guys are afraid to own up to the fact that you hate black people.
    …its all as crazy as these republicans allowing a man to die in the streets.
    But, this is what the Neocons wanted to happen to the minority population by denying them affordable healthcare for all.
    Maybe we will all get sick, and die quickly…right?

  10. Let see I don’t live in Texas never have I live in Colorado and my best friend is black so I don’t have a racist problem and I am white and Native American, in fact I am American and American doesn’t have color. Our Gov is the one passing this run away train right down the middle dividing us into race when in fact all we are is Americans period it doesn’t matter what color your skin is its whats inside that counts. WE have gotten off that track and we need to get back on it and my Dr is black and I love him to death..Actually I don’t hate our black president as a person but he promised things and has yet to put the goods on the table. He promised no gov take over well he has broken the Constitutional law and he wishes to take our amendments away and break down the Constitution and that my friend will not happen. Obama is not in control for he gets his advice from others on what to do and when to do it. Do you know about George Soros? If not look him up he’s scary and he is behind Obama all the way this guy was under Hitler when he was 15 and he is very rich and his money is blood money how would you like him in your back yard for he hates all American’s, I have one of his books I checked it out from the library and he states he hates what our country stands for..

  11. ..and my best friends are white!!!blahbalh blah…
    This rant sounds very crazy!!!!…again,unsubstantiated LIES about some paranoia that is not even real.
    You keep saying you are a vital intelligent person, or trying to come off as that, Colorado or Texas…you are either easily fooled, or you are a fool.

    Come on now…you sound very crazy if you believe this Hitler b.s…

    You are predisposed to believing ridiculousness out there in Colorado…why?
    (oh, I get it…my best friends are black ,blah blagh blah, and Obama;s Hitler, but I love you black folk so much I am separating myself from you in my small town that will racially profile you)
    I don’t know you, and I could care less personally, i just hope you are happy.

    Get with the program,drop the smoke and mirrors, and try to ding people for something that actually exist.
    …and keep helping humans of all races in need.
    Acknowledging color and race is a good thing:I am not white, do not live a white life, and I am proud to be a black man.
    ….race is something to be celebrated, not swept under a rug.

    …you have to have more sense than to believe this BS about our president..or you are a Teabagger???..this rant is classic racist paranoia.
    Oh yeah…let’s call Obama Hitler, and he is controlled by a Mother ship manipulator like the Wizard of OZ?
    …seriously…you should write cartoons…

  12. …but whatever floats your boat!

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