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The Raiders Finally Get A Good Quarterback In Trade For Redskin’s Jason Campbell …What Happens With Jamarcus Russell???

Things may be looking up for the hapless Oakland Raiders as they have finally traded for a good quarterback,something that they have not had for several years.[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=oakland+raiders+fans&iid=6993890″ src=”d/5/0/9/NFL_Oakland_Raiders_9f97.JPG?adImageId=12646228&imageId=6993890″ width=”234″ height=”177″ /]

The Washington Redskins traded quarterback Jason Campbell to the Oakland Raiders on Saturday for a 2012 draft pick!!!…Smart move Oakland!!!!!

So where does this leave Jamarcus Russell???

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=jamarcus+russell&iid=7056440″ src=”d/b/c/8/Kansas_City_Chiefs_f0f0.jpg?adImageId=12646223&imageId=7056440″ width=”234″ height=”310″ /]It moves Jamarcus to second starter or third as the Raiders head into training camp…but he is rumored to be on his way out of Oakland.(SOURCE)

In my opinion, if any one can succeed in Oakland, it is the under rated Jason Campbell! He is a great player that has been hampered by a bad team in the past,but this fresh start with the Oakland Raiders will give him the weapons he has always needed on a team, for him to succeed.

Campbell said in a phone interview shortly after the deal was completed. “The Raiders want me. I got a call from [Raiders owner] Al Davis, he told me he wanted me there, and that really means a lot. It’s just a fresh start for me.”(SOURCE)

I like Jamarcus Russell, and as a San Diego Chargers fan, and devout Raider Hater,the best thing that Oakland could have done for me was to stick with their futile attempt to turn him into an NFL quarterback,.. even though he does not perform or win like one.

I have uncharacteristically felt sorry for the Raider-Nation…and I have no love for this team,officially since 1978!!!!(VIDEO OF THE INCIDENT!!!)…and I have never played a second on any Madden video game!!!!

As a pro-football fan I just want to have my team compete against a professional team on the field of battle,and it serves the fans best if they have a legitimate challenger to compete against week to week.

I want the Raiders to field a decent team,because I want to beat them at their fullest strength, because for the past several years, they have been a joke!

With the acquisition of Jason Campbell, and the shuttering of the Jamarcus Russell bust….the Chargers have something to worry about.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=jason+campbell&iid=7372322″ src=”6/d/2/3/NFL_Washington_Redskins_9d53.JPG?adImageId=12646221&imageId=7372322″ width=”380″ height=”472″ /]


Oakland Tribune

Raiders Likely To Release Jamarcus Russell

3 Responses to “The Raiders Finally Get A Good Quarterback In Trade For Redskin’s Jason Campbell …What Happens With Jamarcus Russell???”

  1. Russell was a very good QB @LSU but never had the same success in the NFL. He has the physical ability but mentally never quite made it. Perhaps he should return to LSU and work out with the team. He needs more mental toughness before trying another NFL team. It would be equivalent to sending him down to the farm.

    I doubt that any team will take a chance with him as a starter until he shows more than he has so far. Maybe in a back-up role but not as starter. It would be an expensive gamble.

    I predict 9 wins for the Raiders with Campbell in his first season with the Raiders including one win over the Chargers. I am not willing to bet any actual cash on this though if that is what you are thinking.

    •’re on!!!!…this will be a NO CASH wager!!!

      I wish Campbell well, I really do!!,…I just can’t root for the Raiders, and I hope they loose twice against the Chargers, no matter what!
      …but if they treat Jason Campbell well, then I may not hate on them so much.

  2. UPDATE:Jamarcus Russell was released by the Raiders today, ending his career as a Raider:

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