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Racist Ariz. Governor Signs Tough Immigration Bill Making It Illegal To Be OR To Look Mexican!!!

In a bid to be the most racist,bigoted,unConstitutionally racially profiling state in the Union, Arizona has passed bill SB1070, that essentially makes racial profiling and illegal search and seizure the law of the land in Arizona.

The sweeping illegal legislation makes it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally. It would also require local police officers to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are here illegally, and given that the Arizona police force is racist and act much like the SS in Nazi era Germany,anyone that is not white will be subject to arrest,or even worse,to be detained by the police,if they are not white.

Why  Arizona hates Mexican people so much is a mystery to me. Those of us that have lived our whole life on the border know that America can not function without the labor and contribution of economic immigrants, that are simply working in positions that you will not be able to fill with Americans.

Arizona Gov.Jan Brewer hates Mexicans...and all other non-white people...

Arizona Gov.Jan Brewer hates Mexicans...and all other non-white people...

The Governor is lying to the people when she claims that this will protect the citizens of Arizona.All that will be accomplished here will be the further destruction of the Arizona economy. She has no basis of proof to believe that if you rid the state of every Mexican,legal or illegal,that it will make anyone any safer than they already are.

She needs to protect the citizens from the tyranny of her police force,but we know she actually supports their deviltry!!!

I support an open border, and look forward to a free exchange of resources between Mexico, Canada, and America.

I say Canada to point out the fact that the Arizona law is focused on latino immigrants, and will not be enforced upon European illegal immigrants, as well as Canadian immigrants here illegally.Canadians and Irish illegal immigrants have nothing to be worried about,…because they are white.

Why is that you ask????…well, they only want to get rid of Mexicans, and all Latinos…because they hate Mexicans and Blacks in Arizona.

My question to all minorities is this...will we let this abomination stand???

We already know the racist bigoted Republican Tea Party and the KKK(essentially the same thing) support this bill,so it is obvious that we all need to rid ourselves of them.

Wake up people…if this is allowed to happen to Mexicans anywhere in our country, then it will eventually happen to you, no matter how much you kiss the white rulers asses, you will never be accepted equally by them,nor should you expect any form of fair or balanced treatment.

If you do, then you are foolish, and are probably assisting them in the destruction of your own race of people…even if they are paying you well to betray your own race!!!

They hate us all, and the plan is to eliminate us from this society….and this bill is another step back into slavery for all of us.

If you disagree with me, then take your racist un-American ass back to that cave you crawled out of…

Cavemen hate Mexicans...especially in Arizona!!!You are next!!!

Cavemen hate Mexicans...especially in Arizona!!You are next!!!

Racist Arizona

Wall Street Journal

4 Responses to “Racist Ariz. Governor Signs Tough Immigration Bill Making It Illegal To Be OR To Look Mexican!!!”

  1. Hi I don’t feel that the Governor is a racist at all I feel she’s is just trying to clean house, for Az folks are tired of the drugs and illegals making themselves at home without the proper paper work for they want everything for nothing, well this state is tried of giving and giving and I don’t blame her or the state taking action because our man in office sure won’t lift a finger so its up to The American People to do something about it. Now if these individuals want to be here then do it the right way, green cards apply for Social Security number’s and a way to give to the society instead of getting this or that free. The mexicans born here need to have a way of showing proof they are Americans English, birth certifcates,picture ID’s,.. This gov is going to have to decide on how to divide the real mexican American and the illegal and you can just about tell, the one’s born and raised here have a way about them, they are not trashy, they work to give back to the society and they don’t stand around looking for hand outs and they speak really good English.I think if ya run with illegals then you should have to face the out come when they get picked up simple as that.. I don’t think the illegals should have the same card when it comes to social secuirty as ours either. Our should stay the same and when they get theirs they can be made different, for McCain wants to have Americans be finger printed and a Biocard wrong I was born here I am not a illegal and won’t be treated as such…

    • If the Arizona cops are not instructed to request the traveling papers from immigrants from Europe,ireland,Canada, and any other country that is not Mexican,….then it is a racist and biased law that is on the head of this governor.
      Look at your comments,…you only identify so-called illegal aliens as being Mexican.We do have other races here that are illegal,but do not look it.
      Any law that is not applied equally among all races of people, and are designed to subjugate only a specific race of human beings is the definition of a racist,biased, and bigoted law.
      Those in this Arizona government know that white men are the number one crime offenders in that state, as they are throughout the United States,and we should not base our laws off of innuendo and rumors-just facts and actual statistics that are not skewed in any way to support a racist agenda.

  2. Discuss Profiling rather than racism and you will understand the issue better.

    • Thanks for the tip, but I see profiling as racism…so, maybe we need to hear you take on that.This article clearly states how I see this issue,from my point of view, and I feel quite comfortable with my understanding of this topic.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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