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Immigrant White Polish Thief Disguises Himself As Black Man To Rob 6 Banks, But Drives A Volvo To The Crime!!!…(FAIL)

White man disguised as a black man robs bank….and NO!!!..I am not talking trash about our favorite coon,Michael Steele again,because his party[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=michael+steele+republican&iid=6970025″ src=”e/7/f/1/RNC_Chair_Michael_b749.jpg?adImageId=12645637&imageId=6970025″ width=”234″ height=”163″ /]is doing enough of that for me!!!

Authorities in Springdale,Ohio are reporting that a white man went on a bank robbing crime spree and almost got away with it because he ingeniously disguised himself in a Hollywood quality Black-man mask that fooled the police, and had them chasing down random black guys that fit the description.

What is funny about this story is how he got caught.

I hate stereotypes because they generally work against minorities,but in this case, it worked out in our favor.The police caught the robber dressed pretty convincingly as a black man, because he drove a Volvo to the crimes…and, well,…how many brothers drive Volvo’s???…costume fail!!!!

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=volvo+car&iid=3511648″ src=”2/8/3/9/Press_Preview_For_342e.jpg?adImageId=12645680&imageId=3511648″ width=”234″ height=”165″ /]…not that many!!!(No offense meant to the brothers that do drive Volvo’s,but,I think you get my point).

30-year-old Conrad Zdzierak used a mask known as “The Playa” to alter his appearance and make him look African-American, and some have stated that the mask looked like Young Jeezy,but that is a matter of opinion.(VIDEO)

On the surveillance tape, he definitely looked like a black man in old school Gazelle sunglasses and a hoodie,right out of the 1980’s!!!,so the police were right to send out that description.

I was just suspicious as to why he was not trying to cover-up more of his face, and the police eventually were as well.He wanted them to see that he appeared to be black just to throw them off, he just forgot to disguise his vehicle.

Officers say the bank robber, known only as the “hairless” robber, targeted four banks and a CVS pharmacy in the span of three hours on April 9. Various police departments throughout Hamilton County were unable to catch the man because of his disguise.

“The suspect seen in the surveillance photographs and that we were looking for, we believed to be an African-American male. The suspect was actually a male, white, who was wearing an elaborate disguise,” said Springdale Police Lieutenant Michael Mathis.(SOURCE)

The police were tipped off by the public via the Crimestoppers line,when an alert citizen recognized a car in an Extended Stay Hotel parking lot,fit the description given by the cops, as well as the fact that the interior was suspiciously coated with red dye,like the kind that is in an explosive dye pack, that the banks commonly use to thwart robberies, or at least deter them.(SOURCE)

The sad part of this story is that when the police moved in to apprehend the suspect from his hotel room, his Pit Bull dog attacked the police when they broke in to the hotel room,and the cops shot and killed the dog.The dog was just doing what he naturally would do, and got killed for it.

Police found Zdzierak hiding in the bathroom, and police say the Polish native had been living in the hotel room since at least last September.

The Hollywood style mask is said to have been purchased by Zdzierak for about $650.00.

I feel sorry for the dog, who just got caught up in the mix…Zdzierak had a pretty good plan, a great disguise,and a vicious pit bull,…but a Swedish vehicle!!!…, better do some more research!!!The devils in the details, and it’s always the little things that give you away.

As it stands now for this masked criminal, he will get an opportunity to study black men up close and personal,while in prison.

Read the full story here, and leave me a comment …

Polish immigrant White Robber Disguised As Black Man Conrad Zdzierak

Polish immigrant White Robber Disguised As Black Man Conrad Zdzierak

The Sun

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  1. “He will get an opportunity to study black men up close and personal,while in prison@?!!! You almost had a good piece, until the end

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