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Buddy the Hero Dog Leads Police to Fire And To Injured Owner…

Alaska State Troopers,while responding to a call about a  house fire  in a rural area of Alaska,encountered a problem with their Global Positioning System, and could not find their way to the structure,losing precious time to rescue the occupants of the house, and if possible, save the house itself.

Out of nowhere, and reminiscent of Lassie and Rin-Tin-Tin,Buddy the hero dog was there to lead the way!!!(SOURCE)

Buddy is a German shepherd who lives in Caswell Lakes, Alaska,  north of Anchorage, with his owners, a 23-year-old human named Ben Heinrich’s, and Ben’s parents, Lynnette and Thomas Heinrich’s.

Ben Heinrich’s, was working on a vehicle in a shop outside the family’s home in the Caswell Lakes area the night of April 4 when a spark from a heater ignited gasoline and gave Heinrich’s flash burns to his face and second-degree burns to his left hand, he said.

Ben had shut Buddy inside the shop, so when he got injured, Ben let Buddy out, and told him to “Go get help”.

“I just told him, ‘We need to get help,’ and then that’s the last time I seen him,” Heinrich’s said. “I didn’t train him or nothing. He just took off and went and did what he did. … He was just being a good dog.(SOURCE)

Trooper Terrence Shanigan,who was trying to respond to the call,got lost due to the faulty GPS and was taking the long way to get there, came across Buddy, and, following a hunch,decided to follow the dog!!!

Why trooper Shanigan decided to follow that hunch, no one knows, but,it was the right decision, because Buddy led them down the side route, which quickly led them to the burning structure.The trooper’s dash-cam video clearly shows the dog concentrating on leading the rescue team to his owner,through some very windy roads.(VIDEO)

You can even see Buddy turning around to look over his shoulder,checking to make sure that the troopers were still behind him, and following him.

Unfortunetly, the workshop was destroyed, but thankfully, only some window trim on the house was damaged, and Heinrich’s only suffered some minor flash burns on his face,which he will fully recover from.

In recognition of his valiant effort to rescue his owners,Buddy will receive an engraved silver-plated dog bowl today,Friday afternoon in Anchorage.

I think that the trooper,Terrence Shanigan should be commended, and/or promoted as well!!!How he decided to follow Buddy was a blessing for this family, and this is a great example of how man and man’s best friend can come together to the benefit of our society.

Good going Buddy!!!!

A German Shepherd Like The "Hero-Dog" Buddy...who led Troopers to rescue his owners...

A German Shepherd Like The "Hero-Dog" Buddy...who led Troopers to rescue his owners...


Read the full story here…

FOX News


3 Responses to “Buddy the Hero Dog Leads Police to Fire And To Injured Owner…”

  1. Just goes to show ya what dogs acn do if they are treated well by their owners..And thanks to the Trooper who didn’t give up, when something deep within is telling you to follow the dog then you just have to kown its the right thing to do and then do it..Bless both! The dog should have steak for the rest of his life and the Trooper should have a raise and a metal for showing just case..

  2. i too had a dog named buddie…a shep-lab with a twist of beagle?it took me all of 5 min to name him and it was the best name for him…he was a stray found on a pgh,pa street at 3 mo’s old by a vet…she was going to take him to the pound but my friend and her 3 kids took him to my home…(when pound puppies were popular…i always wanted a pup that looked like him,copper with a whote chest and white feet…in older age he got white at the tip of his tail…he was the best dog i ever had strong and brave…had every dog toy on the planet,he used to pee on the peony flower my husband had planted…his last may was in 2007 and it was the biggest pink flower the plant ever had around mom’s day…i had 7 dreams about him when he passed he could say mama at the end also…he live to 12 years 2 mo’si may write a book about him …lol

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