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In Malta,The Tearful Pope Says Church Will Protect It’s Young…Because They Did Not In The Past.

The AP reports that Pope Benedict,83, met with a group of clerical sex-abuse victims and told them with tears in his eyes that the Catholic Church would seek justice for pedophile priests and implement “effective measures” to protect young people from abuse.

The eight victims, who were abused systematically at an orphanage in Malta in the 1980s and 1990s, have long campaigned for the Church authorities to recognise their suffering in the face of decades of cover-ups from the Vatican downwards.

Vatican officials said that the Pope, who the Vatican claims has “done more than anyone” to clean up the Church, was “deeply moved” by the men’s descriptions of their experiences and had expressed “shame and sorrow”.(SOURCE)

If you take away the priesthood, and the trappings and protection of the entire Catholic church organization worldwide,then what we are left with are serial pedophiles putting themselves in positions to molest little boys for as long as possible,with the assistance of the administrators of the Catholic church.

…I condemn any pedophile or child abuser/molester, of any and all religions or race,and would hope that the Catholic church will follow suit.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=pope+benedict+in+malta&iid=8559003″ src=”f/4/1/2/Pope_Benedict_XVI_20ac.jpg?adImageId=12534899&imageId=8559003″ width=”234″ height=”199″ /]

Let me know your thoughts…


FOX News

Times Of Malta


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