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Returned Adopted Boy Celebrates His Birthday in Russia

Russian and U.S. officials have given birthday gifts to the 8-year-old boy who was returned to Russia by his adoptive American mother. The face of the child was blurred in the video provided to The Associated Press, and the pictures have his face obscured because he is a minor.Some news outlets have chosen to publish his face, but for the safety of the child,I do not find that to be acceptable.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=russian+adoption&iid=8498210″ src=”c/1/f/c/Childrens_ombudsman_visits_470c.JPG?adImageId=12497815&imageId=8498210″ width=”234″ height=”305″ /]Anger has boiled in Russia,ever since the child turned up abandoned and alone in the Moscow airport with nothing to explain why he was abandoned other than a letter from his adoptive mother calling him “mentally unstable.”

The L.A. Times reports that…The boy is now in a Moscow hospital, where doctors have reportedly found nothing aberrant in his condition. Just six months after adopting the boy, 33-year-old nurse Torry Hansen wrote that he was violent, unstable and “psychopathic,” and that she had been misled by the Russian orphanage workers who vouched for his mental health.

It is not yet clear whether Hansen will face any charges for sending the child back to Russia on his own.(SOURCE)

Russian officials have stated that not only was returning the child alone to Russia immoral,but also illegal.The whole country is disgusted and insulted by the treatment of the Russian child, and have vowed to halt all foreign adoptions until the situation is resolved.

Artyom Savelyev(or Artem Saveliev),8, remains in a Moscow hospital after his traumatic flight from Washington nine days ago,but all the medical experts have declared the boy to be in good spirits, and very well-behaved.

For the first time yesterday an American consular official was allowed a brief meeting with the child, who she found ‘laughing and in good spirits’ as she brought gifts.

‘He smiles, loudly responding to gifts and happy birthday greetings,’ said the Kremlin’s children’s tsar Pavel Astakhov, who brought him Lego, a cake and flowers.

‘The boy celebrated his birthday in his hospital room, and he has a cold, and a slight temperature. But despite this his condition is satisfactory and he is in a good mood,’ he said.(SOURCE)

Russia has threatened to suspend all foreign adoptions, but they have not sent any official document halting the hundreds of adoptions currently underway, and the U.S. and Russian officials are trying to work out an arrangement to allow the adoptions to continue.

It seems to me that the adoptive mother,Torry Hansen, should face child endangerment and abandonment charges in Russia, as well as in the United States, and be sent to prison for her crime against humanity.

For now, at least the child can have a moment to celebrate his life,away from the abuse of his abandonment by Torry Hansen, but he must be given some justice for the crimes committed against him.

Let me know your thoughts on this sad and despicable international event.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=russian+adoption&iid=8498207″ src=”9/6/a/1/Childrens_ombudsman_visits_b1d8.JPG?adImageId=12497796&imageId=8498207″ width=”380″ height=”304″ /]

Read the full story here…

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