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Civil Rights Hero,Pioneer,And Much-Loved Leader,Dr. Benjamin Hooks,85, Dies

Civil Rights leader Dr. Benjamin Hooks has died today in his Nashville,Tennessee home,at the age of 85, after battling a long illness.

Dr. Hooks served a 15-year tenure atop the NAACP,which was 1 million dollars in debt and its membership was down to 200,000 – less than half its total from a decade earlier,when he took over the top office of the NAACP, and is credited for restoring prominence and respectability to the organization.

Dr. Hooks was also the first black judge in a southern state since the first Reconstruction period, where whites galvanized themselves into hate groups, terrorizing the black community as a reaction to the abolishment of slavery,…much like their current reaction to our first black president,ushering in the hate speech from the Republican party,tea baggers, and all of their ilk, causing this second period of Reconstruction,that the majority have so cynically labeled as “Post-Racial” America.(WIKI)

The New York Daily News reports that….Seven years later, Hooks was appointed as the first black commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission. Under his guidance, minority ownership and employment in broadcasting grew…, but unfortunately due to the reign and tyranny visited upon minorities during the Republican regime, all of those advancements were turned back!!!

This is the basis for why black people are portrayed in the most disrespectful ways as possible when we are on T.V. when they are broadcast and financed by the majority race that owns and controls every aspect of the broadcasting business, and Dr. Hooks knew this, and attempted to stop it, or at least slow it down.

It must have been a profound disappointmentt for him to witness many of our youth accepting money from the majority controllers to portray our people in the most disrespectful and demeaning ways that they majority could write,create and pay for to produce.I view that as a Black on Black crime that is financed by white men who hate us….but you got to let a coon be a coon, I suppose….

Hooks’ lifelong devotion to the civil rights cause stemmed from (him growing up black in America) as well as his World War II experience guarding Italian prisoners of war.

The enemy was permitted to eat in “whites only” eateries that excluded black GIs. The humiliated Hooks vowed to fight racism once he returned to the U.S.(SOURCE)

I personally thank God for the life of Dr. Benjamin Hooks, for I am well aware of the fact that I have benefitted here in the US from the work this man has done to tear down the walls that racism so often build to deny our people advancement in this society, and I marvel at his courage and strength to overcome any threats or acts of violence that was targeted toward him, simply because he demanded that black people are treated equally in this society.

“Black Americans are not defeated,” he told Ebony magazine after becoming the NAACP’s director. “The civil rights movement is not dead. If anyone thinks that we are going to stop agitating, they had better think again.”(Dr. Benjamin Hooks)

I say to those who would proclaim that there is no more need for any civil rights organization to exist because we have our first black president better think again-we know what you are up to, and your tricknology will not prevail….and I say to the brothers that have achieved financial wealth and stature,…do not allow yourself or your personal success to be used as a weapon to thwart the civil rights cause in any way shape or form.Do not position yourself against your family,and ancestors, like Ward Connerly, Judge Clarence Thomas,and at an underground level-JiggaBoo Jones.

Trust me,you are only one mistake away from being called a N@!gg#r,humiliated and dehumanized like the majority of the nameless and faceless black American citizens,because we are nothing more to the majority than a “Ghetto” stereotype, and a minstrel.

…Just ask Tiger Woods and O.J.Simpson!

Rest in Peace Reverend Dr.Benjamin Hooks…


Rev. Dr. Benjamin Hooks

Rev. Dr. Benjamin Hooks...dead at the age of 85....R.I.P.


Read more on the life of Dr. Hooks….



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  1. RIP – Benjamin Hooks, 85, led the NAACP from 77-92. In his last speech he urged “Remember where crime abounds & dope proliferates; where babies are having babies, our brothers & sisters are crying to us: Is anyone listening? Does anyone care?”

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