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Roscoe The ‘Super-Dog’ Survives Being Shot Four Times In The Head,After Being Caught In A Fox Trap…

A dog in Arizona is miraculously recovering from 4 bullet wounds to his head, after he got caught in a hunters coyote trap when he wandered away from his property.

The dog is named ‘Roscoe’, and is a is a young shar-pei/shepherd mix. I think he should be known as ‘Roscoe-The Super Dog’, because he must be invincible if he survived four shots to his head!!!

When  Roscoe’s owner, David Etter, discovered his dog all bloody and injured in the coyote trap, he rushed him to the vet.

David states that….” It didn’t look too good. I didn’t know what they were going to do with him, actually.”

The vet discovered four small bullets lodged in Roscoe’s skull. The bullets will have to stay there because it’s too dangerous to remove them, but the dog may have to lose an eye.

“Somebody shot him,” Etter said. “Trying to keep him quiet because they knew I was out looking for him.”(SOURCE)

David suspects someone in his neighborhood shot Roscoe, and would like for the attacker to be captured.

Etter has been speaking to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office about the case which he says was turned over to the animal cruelty division.

An office manager at the clinic confirms they too have turned over their records to authorities.(SOURCE)

A Dog In Arizona Was Shot In His Head...

A Dog In Arizona Was Shot In His Head...

One Response to “Roscoe The ‘Super-Dog’ Survives Being Shot Four Times In The Head,After Being Caught In A Fox Trap…”

  1. Gosh don’t people know the difference between a dog and a Coyote? Anyway I think we need a bounty hunter just for abused pets we have a bounty hunter for people so why not have one for pets. I would place pictures up so the neighborhood where this dog and his owner live and a reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest..I would not just settle for turning it in to the right people I would want JUSTICE for my dog..

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