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Crucified Cat Nailed to Pole,…Clings to Life

Ironically,the day after Easter, when Christians around the world celebrate the crucifixion and subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ, some one has made a mockery of the holy day in Illinois,… by cruelly nailing a neighborhood stray cat to a telephone pole,in a faux crucifixion!!!

Authorities in Illinois are looking for the person behind this disturbing case animal abuse, which is so extreme, it has shocked the authorities involved in the rescue.

The Humane Society

Some cruel person drove a nail through this poor defenseless cat’s hind paw and left it hanging on a security pole located in rural Henry County, near Geneseo, Ill.The cat is being given a 50/50 chance for survival from the injuries sustained in this attack.(SOURCE)

Those working to save the cat have named him “Dutch” because he was found hanging from a utility pole off of Dutch Road outside Geneseo,Illinois.

The cat does have a microchip implanted inside of him, but unfortunately the owner has been unreachable.

Representatives at a veterinarian’s office in Atkinson, where the cat is being cared for, said Wednesday his eyes are much brighter Wednesday morning and he appears more active and even meowing more.

At this point, the cat doesn’t have much of an appetite, but that is not a big concern right now considering what he has been through. The representatives also said that he has been adopted.(SOURCE)

A website has been set up to receive donations for the tortured cat’s recovery and medical care at:, or you can send checks to: Henry County Humane Society-Geneseo Chapter, P.O. Box 145, Geneseo, Illinois. Make sure to specify on the donation that it is for the ‘abused cat’, and he get it.

Local resident  Andrea Bristol found the cat hanging from the pole, and she said …“She thought the cat was dead until she heard a faint wheezing noise”…”It hardly moved at all,” Bristol said. “It was in really rough shape. It looked like it had been beaten up before it got nailed to the pole. It was hardly breathing, hardly moving at all.“(SOURCE)

It is amazing to me that people can be so viscous and cruel to something that can not mount an effective defense….this is simply sadistic, and I hope that someone out there saw something which will lead to this persons arrest, before he can mutilate another animal.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=kitten&iid=6051493″ src=”b/b/a/b/Cat_Emergency_At_365e.jpg?adImageId=12199433&imageId=6051493″ width=”234″ height=”145″ /]

UPDATE:PETA is offering a reward of $2500.00 for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators of this crime…details here-(PETA)

Read the full story here….

The Examiner

16 Responses to “Crucified Cat Nailed to Pole,…Clings to Life”

  1. People like that need to be shot and left hanging in a tree for a reminder that people don’t put up with that kind of stuff, if a individual is mean enough to hurt an animal just think what he can do to a kid. I hope they find the sick individual is there a reward maybe I should become a bounty hunter for pets and their abuser.. Jail time is way to good for them I say hang them and be done with it….

    • that person who did this is not sick he is normal. i classify him a true CRIMINAL. he needs to be nailed down both his feet hanging from a tree.

      australia Melbourne – 08-04-2010

  2. A bounty for catching animal abusers sounds like a good idea to me.
    looks like there are a lot of them out there…unfortunately.

  3. Well it would be worth the effort probably should start on here in Colorado and get one in every port. I mean they have bounty hunters for people that do bad things so why not one for animals for someone needs to get the word out and you can still carry a hand gun to protect yourself from the bad guy’s and get the animal in safe care while the jerk goes to jail. In Texas they have animal rights and the fines are tough and they get jail time for doing things like this. Could put up a bounty and if they individual is caught then that person could collect and go about his way. I think it would be a cool job myself..So if there were lets say 5 bounty hunters to every county and city and bigger groups in the state to help out it would be worth it..I am a dog lover I own horses so I could just see me trading in my truck for a dark suv to haul the bad guys in yeap good idea….Lets just hope they make it to jail lol!!!!We have a huge hanging tree here I could be the judge and the jury and just hang them and be done with it..They use to hang horse theives yrs ago so why not take 20 steps back in time and set examples on what can happen to ya if ya break the law hurting pets/people. I wonder if this would work on the border like the guy that killed the rancher and his dog and then walked back across the border.. Our gov sure isn’t going to do anything about it take back our homeland and kick them all out of office.

    • how on earth are they going to catch the culprit. im frightened that he or she will do it again.

      australia/Melbourne 08-04-2010

      • Hopefully, the monetary reward will move witnesses to turn the person in.Somebody must have heard something,or even may have been a participant….hopefully.

  4. So Terri’s the Hanging Judge!!!LOL…they still do public executions in China!!!!
    Seriously though, I love the idea, and as i sit here a discuss this with my friends, we think a television series like “Dog the Bounty Hunter” but for animals on Animal Planet would be a hit!!!
    …it’s your idea, and I like it.
    As for the border thing,well I live 5 minutes from the border (San Ysidro is the last US town next to Tijuana) and I understand how violent the drug cartels are, so….if I lived in Colorado, I would be a little less hesitant to discuss that matter…if you get my point….it is a fact that they are crossing the border, as well as infiltrating the local high schools and street gangs, in order to carry out their retaliation on American citizens on American soil, and it has been going on for quite some time.
    It’s not as simple as Obama=Bad, or even Bush’s fault….even if you kick em all out of office, the situation will persist, but you will be able to hear the same old story fro someone in your preferred political party…seriously.
    We need sane thoughtful ideas to improve the situation, much like the bounty idea for animal abusers…that would put people to work, getting rid of useless people that hurt small animals, and like you pointed out, there is a lot of evidence out there that says that this type of behavior escalates into abuse of humans…So basically, I am with you on this!!!

  5. This one is for you Terri!!!….PETA is offering a bounty of $2500.00 so far, for information leading to the arrest of the idiot that crucified this poor little cat…

    That’s a good start I think.Great minds think alike!!!You were right on time my friend!!!

  6. This is such a disturbing story. There aren’t animal cruelty laws strict enough anywhere to deal adequately with this kind of abuse, although I do hope they find the perpetrator – if for no other reason than to alert others to the danger to everyone and anyone this person poses.

  7. Hi all even though this is my idea it can be your’s too share this idea kick the ball around and see what you can do in your neck of the woods. I took criminal law classes in college and I know how to protect myself from harm’s way just have to figure out how to get this idea off the ground, for we have animal issues here to I have one that will break your heart cause it did mine. 3 yrs ago on Thanksgiving day I was headed to the store and I saw three people trying to catch this little mini pin so I pulled over and helped finally after catching him he was nothing but bones and skin his little eye’s had that haunting look and I followed this kind couple to the vet and I told them I would pay for anything that needed to be to save him and the older couple said the same thing that if he lived they wanted to adopted him and give him a good home with plenty of food and water, anyway we hung out at the vet for 6 hrs and a hour later the vet came out and just said he did everything to save this little guy but he had been starved for so long he just didn’t have the strength to go on he died in the vets arms…I was so sad so I put a thing in our paper called speaking out for I wanted the individuals to know that all 5 of us knew what kind of treatment they gave to their pet and I put a warning out to pet owners that sell their puppies to make sure double sure these little guy’s will indeed have a home once they leave their protection spot.. Because I also said we have laws here and its jail time and a heavy fine for animal abuse. But the chickens that had this mini pin didn’t step up. I hope I find them someday…It still haunts me yet, if ya could have seen what I did and to look into those little eye’s it would haunt you too.. We have a mini pin and a boston bull terrior that I love dearly..They say when a individual is mean to a animal and hurts it then they are on the path of hurting a child or another adult, I am glad to know there’s a reward out for the cat but its not enough, they need to place pictures everywhere of what the cat looked like before they found it and get the word out that this individual needs to be dealth with.. I may have to write letters to get something started so pictures can be posted and just maybe someone will turn someone in..

  8. Hi I wanted to say thanks to the individual that gave me the information about the cat and who has the reward out for the bad guy, I plan on e-mailing them and asking them to post pictures and I plan on giving them some money to help over the cost of the cat..Every penny helps..

  9. The person who abused this cat should be put in jail. The problem is that animal abuse cases are not taken seriously. What that person did to that cat, someone should do that to them.

  10. Hi Animal abuse done in Tx, Co N.C.,Ga, Ky,La, is a heavy fine and jail time. The fine here is anywhere from 3,000 to 25,000 depends on what is done and how big the animal is. I watch animal cops in Tx all the time and they really get it down there. I would love to work for them anytime…Hurting a animal is a crime, for the next thing could be your neighbor’s kid or yours they say people that hurt animals are moving up to hurting children or disabled adults, old people because they are helpless and cannot fight back. In my books jail time is way to good for them I would rather hang them than support them in jail, we have way to many prisons here for what ever reason…

  11. I dont believe this!!!
    That poor innocent creature!! i love animals so much, i have a cat and a dog and if i could have every stray animal out there i would and i would take care of them and love them, like they deserve. I just dont understand how someone could do this to a poor helpless animal!! i wish with all my heart that whoever did this is found and put through a long sufferable time, like that poor cat.

  12. words fail me how to describe these monsters

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