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Caravaggio,Scientist Investigate The 400 Year-old Cold Case About His Mysterious Death!!!!

One of my favorite classically trained painters is Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, (29 September 1571 – 18 July 1610) who was an Italian artist who had a unique sense of lighting, and emotional subject matter that had a profound influence on fellow artist for years to come, and transformed the Baroque school of painting. The Baroque painting technique of contrasting light and dark known as chiaroscuro is a method used today in both fine art as well as commercial art.

Many artist are masters of the value study, and other artist throughout the generations since Caravaggio have added to his technique,and developed it into new techniques,much like the Frank Reilly method of drawing.

By Caravaggio

By Caravaggio

In fact,his name is the very description of a style of painting, that is the basis of a lot of modern painting techniques,and artists in the following generations heavily under his influence were called the “Caravaggisti” or “Caravagesques”.(WIKI)

During his life he was a controversial figure in the eyes of the public, for consorting with prostitutes,drinking, and partying all night.…much like artist of today!!!…

He was considered a genius in his time, and that is still the opinion of his work even by today’s standards.

He was condemned to death by the Pope,who had the power of life and death over the citizens, in his time,because he killed someone in an altercation.

Currently,a team of investigators from Italy’s National Committee for Cultural Heritage has been working since last year to find out what caused the painter’s death in 1610 and the whereabouts of his corpse.

Caravaggio was rumored to have been killed on his way to Rome,seeking a pardon for the murder he was convicted of,but no proof or records have ever been verified documenting his cause of death.(SOURCE)

What I have always liked about Caravaggio’s work, is the detailed nature of his execution, and at all the dramatic lighting,mainly dark next to light, and the subject matter.You can tell by the paintings that the preceding sketches had to have been tremendous as well, to lead to the final pieces.

I recommend his work to all art students that would like to have a definition of what high quality painting looks like….Caravaggio!!!

This would be an artist to interview about his technique, if he were alive today.Now, all we can do is study the life of the man who had this level of skill….

David and Goliath by Caravaggio

David and Goliath by Caravaggio

For more on this story, read the full article here…


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