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California. Earthquakes rattle Pacific Coast! Quake shakes water from pool!!!!(VIDEO)

As reported on You tubeA string of earthquakes and aftershocks rattled the Pacific Coast of the United States and Mexico on Sunday, including a magnitude 7.2 quake in northwest Mexico’s Baja California that could be felt in Arizona and Southern California, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

At least one person was killed in a building that collapsed in Mexicali, according to the assistant director of civil protection in Tijuana.

Reports of injuries and other structural damage also have been made in northwest Mexico, according to Alfredo Escobedo, Mexico’s director of civil protection.

In California and Arizona, there were no immediate reports of injuries and only limited reports of damages.

The quake struck at 3:40 p.m. (6:40 p.m. ET) about 175 kilometers (110 miles) east-southeast of Tijuana, Mexico, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Pictures from Mexicali showed sides ripped off buildings, toppled telephone poles, cracked roads and supermarket aisles strewn with food that had fallen off shelves.

There are confirmed reports that one person was crushed to death inside their house when it collapsed outside of Mexicali,Mexico.(SOURCE) has posted a link to some amateur pictures that were taken at various locations in Mexico and Southern California of the commotion and destruction at the time of the earthquake. Click on the link here–(Pics)

7.2 Earthquake Shakes Up Pool!!!

7.2 Earthquake Shakes Up Pool!!!

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