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7.2 Earthquake Rocks San Diego,L.A. and Mexico On Easter Sunday!!!!

California Easter Earthquake!!!!6.9!!!!

California Easter Earthquake!!!!6.9!!!!

A major earthquake has struck southern California at about 3:45pm Easter Sunday,causing an interruption in what was a peaceful, happy, Easter Sunday ,at family gatherings all over the city.(San Diego-6 news)

To put it in perspective,the catastrophic Haiti earthquake that devastated the island recently was measured to be a 7.0 tremor, killing hundreds of thousands,and the one we just went through here in California was a 7.2 earthquake.(SignOnSanDiego)

There have been no fatalities or injuries reported at this time.

As usual, I ran outside, against the objection of the family members eating at the table with me,…but,oh well…they ran out after me!!!

I will ALWAYS take my chances outside,rather than have a whole house full of lumber and roofing material fall on top of me!!!..I am not going out like that!

There are a lot of aftershocks happening, and I am still stressed…so,…hopefully we can warm up the food!!!

Hug your family people…anything can happen!!!

Read more on this story here…

Huffington Post

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