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Remember “Faces of Death”@!!!!…Skydiver Killed in Crash Through Roof(NSFW)

Remember the video series “Faces Of Death” ????…the popular documentary series from the 80’s that chronicled various heinous ways people and things can die???(SOURCE).

Well…the AP has posted a video that is reminiscent of the popular “Death” series, with this clip of a skydiving photographer crashing to his death!!!(SOURCE)

A skydiving fatality

A skydiving fatality

Investigators have released video and photos of a skydiving accident that killed a man. The 34-year old was preparing to land after photographing skydiving tandems when his parachute collapsed and he crashed into a condo roof.

Witnesses say the man’s parachute opened but collapsed when he turned into the wind to land in Port Aransas, a coastal town about 15 miles northeast of Corpus Christi.

The name of the skydiver who died in the accident in Port Aransas, Texas, was identified on Friday as 34-year-old Peter Gerencser.

Gerencser, a Hungarian national, worked last summer as a photographer for Gardiner-based Sky Dive the Ranch, a company official said.

Gerencser survived the impact — and was alive when rescue workers found him in the condo’s attic — but later died from his injuries, authorities said.(SOURCE)

Joe Richards, president and owner of Skydive the Ranch, said Gerencser “was somebody who jumped here and worked here, so it (Thursday’s fatal accident) certainly hits close to home.”

The Hungarian national, who worked for Sky Dive Atlas of Gardner, N.Y., was taking pictures of other skydivers when the accident occurred.

The Port Aransas Police Department is still investigating the accident to figure out exactly what went wrong.

I enjoy skydiving as well as bungee jumping, but,…there is an inherent risk that all participants must be aware of….(STATS)…But–you only live once,and…

…you can only DIE once….So why be afraid to live???

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=skydiving&iid=5806044″ src=”0/f/3/b/TMobile_Celebrates_the_2cf5.jpg?adImageId=11738292&imageId=5806044″ width=”380″ height=”556″ /]

Read the full story here…

Dallas Morning news

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