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Watch This!!!… Dash Cam Captures Cop Car Crash!!!

The AP has posted a harrowing dash-cam video of a police car crash…Police in a Dallas, Texas suburb are looking into traffic accident that ended with an injured officer and a wrecked patrol car. A dashboard camera captured the officer as he tried to stop a speeding vehicle and as he slammed into another car.

Officer Luis Ceron made a U-turn on Clark Road at about 6:15 p.m. to try to pull over a speeding driver. Just as he turned his lights on, a vehicle pulled out in front of him near Clarkridge Drive.

Ceron’s cruiser can be seen clipping the car before flying off Clark Road and into a wooded area, clipping several trees before coming to a stop. (SOURCE)

Let’s hope officer Ceron recovers fine from this terrible accident, and we are pulling for him!!!

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=police+camera&iid=2648852″ src=”7/a/f/5/Kansas_Police_Scour_2c5d.jpg?adImageId=11604481&imageId=2648852″ width=”234″ height=”157″ /]

One Response to “Watch This!!!… Dash Cam Captures Cop Car Crash!!!”

  1. the officer was travelling at a dangerous speed for the situation which he wrongly assessed, he should have gone to the left, also he panicked by locking the brakes which prevented him having directional control.
    He was guilty of dangerous driving, at the very least he should be sent for re-training. He should be held responsible for the injuries to the victims in the other vehicle.

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