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Popular Phoenix,Ariz. Council Member Michael Johnson Shoved,Cuffed, And Brutalized, By The Very Police He Put His Council Seat On The Line To Support!!!

Councilman Michael Johnson swearing in to serve the citizens of Phoenix...

Councilman Michael Johnson swearing-in to serve the citizens of Phoenix...

How ironic!!!...Lesson of the day from the Phoenix Police Departmentt: Unless you hold some political clout, getting roughed up by the cops is gonna float right under the radar.

Moderately Conservative Democratic and popular prominent city council member Michael Johnson, of Phoenix,Arizona, was beat up and handcuffed by an officer of the Phoenix Police Department, on the scene of a neighbor’s house that was on fire. Councilman Johnson is a former Phoenix Police detective for 20 years and is now retired and serving as an elected official on the Phoenix City Council.(SOURCE)

Councilman Johnson, having served as an officer of the law, and supporter of the “thin-blue-line”for over 20 years,has been a staunch supporter of “Americas toughest sheriff” Joe Arpaio, and he bravely put his council seat on the line when he supported and campaigned for a sales tax to be waged in order to provide the police force with more financial stability.

Maybe some police officers can get raises, keep their jobs, and more officers can be hired to put out on the streets, so the citizens of Phoenix can continue to have safe and secure lives for their family and friends.

Beloved,yet brutalized by the cops,Councilman Michael Johnson

Beloved,yet brutalized by the cops,Councilman Michael Johnson

Well, early this morning,two members of the Phoenix police department let Council member Johnson see just how much they appreciate his support–they beat him down, and treated him like every other powerless citizen that they routinely victimize,if you should DARE disagree or simply engage a street officer in a reasonable conversation that does not allow him or her to intimidate or dominate the situation at hand.

The practice of utilizing lethal physical force and the routine abuse of power by the police on the proletariat is an injustice that typically goes unreported in the media,and is widely known to be true, but there has rarely been any credible evidence to prove this fact, because of the strength of the thin blue line, and the sycophantic blind faith hero-worship by many in the neo-conservative public at large society.

Most neocons and frightened citizens believe that the police can do no wrong, and that their actions should never be questioned.

This is the genesis of the problem…Anybody that carries a gun legally, and knows that they have a legal right to kill or severely wound whoever they choose to unchecked ,…unfortunately will.

They are what you call Fascist…and they enjoy abusing their power, and terrorizing their community, under the cover of the badge.

The name of the offending, rouge officer involved in this event, 27-year-old Officer Brian Authement.

Now…Officer Authement does not too much to worry about, given the recent national history of similar events.

Councilman Johnson is black and a Democrat, so a lot of citizens in Phoenix and around the country are going to immediately believe that he was at fault, and disregard the evidence…as well as the police apologist running for city council will whore this unseemly event out to their tea-party constituents, and fire up the haters and bigots in their community that applaud such abuses of power,and why not… the thin-blue-line has gotten away with blatant murder without any repercussions, why should they worry in this instance????…

The dark side of the phoenix police department.

The dark side of the phoenix police department.

…he’s just a black liberal Democrat, and he probably deserved it!!!He must have done something to provoke that young princely police officer!!!…who is probably Republican.I mean, if he did not beat him down for asking him a question, then he would not have been doing his job!!!..

Michael Johnson was concerned about a neighbor whose house was on fire, and he had known this neighbor as a good friend for many years, and the neighbor is an invalid. He was just trying to be a Good Samaritan,just like when he voted to finance raises for the police department.(SOURCE)

It was the middle of the night, and he was startled awake to the sounds of sirens,and the blazing fire next door….he was concerned for his neighbor.He used his police training to get permission from the fire chief on the scene to go to the property to check on the neighbor, because he thought he might be trapped inside, given the fact that he is bed ridden.The emergency responders did not know that!

Upon approaching the house, he came into contact with the 27-year-old junior officer Brian Authement who was acting erratically, and was quite possibly looking to exhort his own perceived power on the “perps”in the community, where the house was burning, because when Johnson explained to him what he was doing there, and his authorization to proceed,… the officer decided to escalate the discussion to a physical altercation.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=police+beating&iid=4886457″ src=”0/8/9/2/FILE_PHOTO_919e.jpg?adImageId=11468609&imageId=4886457″ width=”234″ height=”173″ /]The officer allegedly told him to stay where he was and not move.

At that point Councilman Johnson once again asked a fire battalion chief if he could go check on his neighbor and the fire battalion chief said it was okay.


When Officer Authement saw the council member he confronted him about leaving the area in front of his home and the fact that he had moved. The officer then reportedly threw the council member to the ground and handcuffed him as punishment for his movement.(SOURCE)

What happened next is reprehensible!!!…the officer brutalized the council member, and threatened to drag him across the street like a slave, and other unnecessary actions that are simply unprofessional.

Michael Johnson was rescued from the beating only because a fireman recognized him and the police chief was notified to come out to the scene.

….obviously, given that the two officers involved are white, and Michael Johnson is a black man,many are rushing to claim that this racially,power abusing , racial event… could not be racially motivated.(SOURCE)

You know, that’s the New Racism that allows you to participate in and do racist things, with the comfort of knowing that you can then turn around ,and claim those that confront you about it-are the racist, and you are not!!!..WTF?!?

You are just having fun…albeit a “Compton Cookout”!!!

I guess that’s what the racist mean when they say that we are living in Post Racist America..they get to be 1000% more racist, and lie about it that much more.


This past summer, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates was brutalized by a cop in a racially motivated event, and the neocons and police sycophantic fanatics twisted the truth behind the motivation for the arrest, and got away with it simply because they hate the fact that the President is black,we will have universal healthcare for all, and the proletariat feels empowered.

They got away with it the Gates scandal because the Professor acted belligerently to the officer, but that is not the case with the 20 year veteran cop, currently city council member Johnson…

In this case, they just got caught@!!!..(Click here to read a statement from Councilman Michael Johnson)

The officer has been put on paid administrative leave pending and internal affair’s investigation, which is like a paid vacation.I think he should be immediately relieved of his duty and his badge.Let him go be a stormtrooper for the skinhead KKKlan and just be done with it!!!(SOURCE)

Believe me,we will be following the developments surrounding this case, as Council member Johnson is a close personal friend of my family, and I can guarantee you, the KKKops are in the wrong in this sordid affair!!!…



















Brutal rouge Phoenix P.D. KKKop Officer  Brian Authement

Brutal rouge Phoenix P.D. KKKop Officer Brian Authement


Read more of this story here…

Phoenix NewTimes

7 Responses to “Popular Phoenix,Ariz. Council Member Michael Johnson Shoved,Cuffed, And Brutalized, By The Very Police He Put His Council Seat On The Line To Support!!!”

  1. …thanks for making this a widely read article!!! Looks like things are moving swifttly in the direction of stripping this rougue KKKop so that he can be replaced by an actual “professional” Police officer, that knows how to handle himself fairly in society.
    I look forward to his dismissal!!!:)

  2. […] their own crimes, as in the case of the beating of Phoenix council member Michael Johnson, by the racist,fascist,bigoted rouge cop, Brian Authement,who will probably get away with his crime because the Council member is black, and there is no […]

  3. […] It is a shame that their legacy is being dishonored by the violent, predatory and bully like actions of  rogue officers like Shandy Cobane and Officer Mary Lynne Woollum of the King County (Seattle)police force, as well as racist Phoenix, Arizona cop Brian Authement. […]

  4. I’m a liberal democrat. I love Joe Arpaio.
    I’ve got a name here, as Brian arrested my niece, a heroin addict and prostitute in downtown Phoenix, with her chjild in state custody.
    Officer Brian Authement arrested her last nite. Praise be to him, on an outstaning warrant.
    I love the guy.
    Nuf said.
    My niece needs help. CPS needs to see that my niece is not a member of civiil society.

    • Well, sounds like he has learned how to act more professionally as a police officer protecting the community, rather than preying and victimizing the community.
      I am all for an idiot learning some manners, and how to act in society.
      Let’s hope it becomes his habit,because Liberal Dem or Neocon Republbagger…all of our citizens and human beings in our midst deserve fair and honest treatment from our law enforcement officers.
      Race and political ideology should NEVER invade a police officers decision making process.

  5. The time here in my town is NOT 5:25pm. It is in fact well well well before noon.

    • Lol!..You probably figured it out by now, but the time stamp here is not reflective of the readers that leave a comment here personal home time,per se, but is reflective of the time based on where WordPress is based at, just to clear that up.
      It used to confuse me as well.

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