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Missing Woman’s Body Found Inside Motel Bed…While Renters Slept On Top Of Her For Several Months!!!

Here is a story that solidifies my belief in checking a room out for cleanliness at any hotel or motel I stay at,thoroughly,before I decide to stay there.Call me particular if you like, but I just believe that a hotel should provide a clean set of sheet, a clean pillow and pillow case, clean bathroom, and a clean set of towels.I take for granted that there is a health regulation that compels hotel managers to do at least that, every time a room is rented out.

Realizing how nasty most peoples hygiene standards are,I find it to be a good practice to inspect a room out myself, prior to staying there.

Sony Millbrook..body found under motel bed frame after months missing!!!!

Sony Millbrook..body found under motel bed frame after months missing!!!!

The AP is reporting that …the body of a woman,Sony Millbrook, who went missing nearly two months ago has been found inside the bed frame of a Memphis motel room that she had been renting out!!!

Her body had been hidden inside a metal frame for several months,and went undetected  for all of those months even though the cops swear they did a thorough investigation in her disappearance,as well as the cleaning crew having cleaned the room thoroughly several times in those months, …and the fact that many motel guest had slept on top of her on that bed over those several months!!!… is truly ghastly if you think about it!!!!

On January 27, Sony Millbrook was reported missing to the Memphis Police Department after she failed to pick-up her children from school.

Police were told by family members Millbrook had been staying at the Budget Inn at 1533 East Brooks Road. Motel workers said the room had been locked for lack of payment and all Millbrook’s personal belongings were still inside.

A Homicide Investigator eventually went to the Budget Inn and spoke to two clerks and a security guard. The investigator was told Millbrook’s items had been boxed and the room was once again being rented.(SOURCE)

Millbrook’s sister, Linda James, stated that she had been fighting the motel to get her sister’s room searched ever since Jan. 27.but to no avail.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=hotel+bed&iid=3516997″ src=”3/2/a/b/4c.JPG?adImageId=11409955&imageId=3516997″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]They only checked the room thoroughly because the odor from the dead body stuffed under the mattress became too much to bear.

Police believe that Millbrook’s boyfriend, LaKeith Moody,had something to do with her murder,and they are trying to gather evidence to that effect currently, because they have no proof of that as it stands.He is the number one person of interest.

A good defense attorney can make a good case that Millbrook may have been alive in that room since the time she went missing, and may have died due to her entrapment in the bed frame,suffering a horrible death due to starvation and dehydration…possibly, and how she got under that bed is anybody’s guess…

Moody remains a person of interest in this case. Moody was charged with an unrelated gun violation and is currently being held on a federal gun charge.(SOURCE)

Let’s hope the Memphis “Keystone” Bumbling Cops get it together down there, and try using some very basic policing,…like doing a thorough investigation of the premises.I mean…as many time the police have stopped me and illegally searched my vehicle, I know for a fact that they know how to do a thorough investigation of someones property,so they just dropped the ball here for some reason.

Maybe …Sonny Millbrook did not mean that much to them…for some unknown reason?!?

As for the cleaning crew and the motel management,you all should be fired and shut down!!!

Here is an article about the myriad of germs that can kill you, and make you sick, when a hotel room is not thoroughly cleaned.Check it out and heed the warning….even if the room looks clean,…it may not be!!!!

Where Germs Lurk In Hotel Rooms

Budget Motel...Decomposed Body Found Under Bed Frame.

Budget Motel...Decomposed Body Found Under Bed Frame.


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  1. I agree, the hotel should be shut down completely. had they let her sister search the room, my cousin may have still been alive.

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