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Larry Long,33,Drunk And High Father Charged After Baby Found in Oven…Bad Dad Alert!!!

Parents should not do drugs or allow themselves to get drunk, around or with their children, especially infants.Anything could happen to the child, and the parents need to be 100% competent and sober to whatever emergency may occur,and be wholly attentive to the needs of the child, which are unpredictable.

A bad dad down south is finding this out the hard way.

The AP is reporting that charges have been filed against a Kentucky man after police say he put his five-month-old in an oven.

When Larry Long ,the perpetrator,was arrested, he said he and his wife had been drinking.

What he had really been doing that night is smoking weed that was laced with an opiate that causes hallucinations,and drinking a fith of whisky!!![picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=marijuana&iid=6857676″ src=”d/b/e/6/Obama_Admin_Unveils_814a.jpg?adImageId=11361372&imageId=6857676″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /] is reporting these details on the events that led to the drunken stupor by Larry Long…

After smoking marijuana at the restaurant where he works as a cook, Larry Long, 33, returned home to share a fifth of whiskey with the baby’s mother, Brandy Hatton, McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden said in a statement.

Hatton had four or five shots and went to bed while Long finished the bottle, Hayden said.

At 5:30 the next morning, Hatton awoke to the sound of the baby’s cries coming from the oven. He had been in it for several hours, police said.(SOURCE)

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=whiskey&iid=879390″ src=”1/f/3/6/The_First_Grouse_937c.jpg?adImageId=11361395&imageId=879390″ width=”234″ height=”347″ /]Emergency crews responded to the house after Mr Long called a mental health crisis line for assistance.The baby was taken to a local hospital where he was found to be unharmed.

The police arrested Larry Long and charged him with first degree wanton endangerment. He is being held on bail of $10,000,but no charges were filed against the baby’s mother,for some unknown reason.

Larry has chosen to follow the advice of Jamie Foxx’s Grammy Award winning hit single, and he is ..“blaming it all on the alcohol”…AND…marijuana LACED with an unknown hallucinogenic,which is a common practice of pot smokers outside California, since the quality of the weed is terrible outside of the golden state.

No matter what the excuse, …the responsible thing to do is to NOT to use drugs or alcohol while you are supervising your babies!!!…Look what happened to this idiot!!!

…Larry will have to spend a LONG time in jail to repent for this macabre mistake…

Larry Long Got Stoned And Tried To Cook His Infant!!!...BAD DAD!!!!

Larry Long Got Stoned And Tried To Cook His Infant!!!...BAD DAD!!!!

Read the full story from the source…



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