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Gold Grill Violently Ripped From Tennessee Mans Mouth By Sadomasochistic Sheriff!!!

Based on this story by the AP, I see why Lil Wayne asked to have his grill removed by a dental surgeon…he must have been aware of how the cops treat you in prison, where inmates right’s are routinely violated!

Now, I am aware of the fact that the inmates give out pain to the guards as much as they get it,…so there has to be some leeway and understanding about the conditioning of the guards, and I would not be surprised to find that the guards are sometimes harsh in their treatment of the inmates, and I understand,in as much as the harsh reaction is limited to legal actions,and nothing else.

When a competent and sane adult reaches inside any humans mouth to pull ANYTHING out of it unceremoniously, then the only logical and reasonable outcome to this physical action, could only be severe damage and pain.

It is a torturous act and a violent physical assault, plain and simple!!!

Anthony McCoy displays damaged teeth after Sherriff illegally forcibly extracts his gold grill

Anthony McCoy displays damaged teeth after Sherriff illegally forcibly extracts his gold grill

According to the Nashville Tennessean, Lt. Tanya Mayhew allegedly told Anthony McCoy, 31, who was brought into the Davidson County jail in Nashville for failure to pay child support, to open his mouth. She then allegedly used her rubber-gloved hand to sadistically yank out the gold jewelry grill attached to his teeth.

The forced extraction of the gold grill pulled the enamel off McCoy’s front teeth and left him with a damaged mouth that still isn’t fixed,said his lawyer, David Raybin. Anthony McCoy spat out blood and teeth in a trash can and was in agony for more than a week.

McCoy’s request for medical treatment fell on deaf ears, and his repeated request went unanswered, for some unknown reason.(SOURCE)

I feel that it is highly likely that the cop’s were trying to figure out how to cover-up this dastardly deed, and as soon as a doctor discovered what had happened, he or she would be compelled by law to report the assault to the proper authorities.

As long as there was no report, the crime could go unnoticed.[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=gold+grills&iid=922374″ src=”9/4/a/2/Brooke_Hogan_Video_4e15.jpg?adImageId=11373254&imageId=922374″ width=”234″ height=”296″ /]

Luckily for McCoy,he did seek medical and legal assistance, and the Nashville Metro Council on Tuesday approved a $95,000 settlement to avoid a lawsuit.

Nashville Metro Council has agreed to pay the inmate nearly $100,000 in damages and has demoted the sheriff who caused all the damage.(SOURCE)

I think the lesson here for jailers is to keep your hands out of the inmates mouths!!! probably would have been a lot cheaper to simply respect this man’s rights under the Constitution!!!

Gold Griil

Gold Griil

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