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Michael Jackson Estate Sign A $250 Million Dollar Deal With Sony!!!!…The King Is Back!!!!

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Sony , in reaction to Micheal Jackson having sold more than 31 million of his albums globally since his death in June,has struck a deal with the estate of Michael Jackson for an unprecedented, never before seen royal sum of over $250 million dollars!!!!(SOURCE)

What a difference 31 million records sold will do for a relationship!!! Back in 2001, MJ and Sony were in a feud, that led to Michael delivering this caustic speech,publicly against his label,Sony and their former CEO Tommy Mottola….(VIDEO)

…I can’t be mad at them..I am just happy that both entities can move forward and continue to deliver to the public quality Michael Jackson entertainment!@!

The record-breaking contract runs through 2017 and there are plans for a DVD compilation of videos and a re-release of “Off the Wall,” Jackson’s[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=michael+jackson&iid=5853798″ src=”1/e/c/a/Music_singer_Michael_cb0c.jpg?adImageId=11297674&imageId=5853798″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /] fifth studio album, which first came out in 1979, accompanied by some unreleased material. Before his sudden death in June at age 50, the King of Pop  had wanted to re-issue the album, sources familiar with the deal said. is reporting that…one album will debut in November, which contains never-before released recordings. We’re told Jackson left enough material for at least three albums of fresh material.(SOURCE)

The Wall Street Journal is reporting…the deal was made without the estate executors John Branca and John McClain — a 40-year confidant of the entertainer who produced part of Jackson’s 2001 album “Invincible” — is spearheading the selection of an album of previously unreleased material that could hit shelves late this year.

In an interview, Rob Stringer, chairman of Sony Music Entertainment’s Columbia/Epic Label Group, said that his company was confident it would more than recoup its hefty investment, which he characterized as more than just a record deal.

“We see it as a partnership,” Mr. Stringer said.(SOURCE)

This is a worthy amount for a spectacular artist, who has created a new generation of fans,beyond his grave.

In a time when record labels are suffering due to the changing music purchasing habits of the culture due to internet downloads,new artist are getting cut, but classic,legacy artist like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley continue to increase their audiences every year, as well as sell hundreds of thousands of compilations and re-mastered albums.

This is most importantly good news for the children of Michael Jackson, who will continue to need his financial support, so they can live.

Michael Jackson continues to be a great dad to Prince, Paris, and “Blanket”(I hope we get to know his actual name!!!), who are his living legacy.

This deal will guarantee that the world will continue to receive the message of LOVE that Michael Jackson  forwarded throughout his life,in his music…

Read the full story here…

Michael Jackson A Bigger Recording Star THAN EVER-E Online


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