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Teacher Writes ‘Loser’ on Child’s Low Scoring Homework Assignments…Tough Love Or bad Judgement?

Parenting, as well as teaching prior to the 1960’s, traditionally believed that tough love and a harsh demeanor towards our children was a way to make them tough,which is a skill set most adults need to be able to survive in our competitive culture.

I grew up with a girl who was brilliant!…she would get A’s on her test a grade reports….but her parents would complain that she did not receive an A+!!!!

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=parents+hugging+child&iid=2749075″ src=”0/9/6/6/Children_return_to_9e45.jpg?adImageId=11221881&imageId=2749075″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]There was no hugging, or strong show of verbal support for what she did accomplish, just complaints about what she did not accomplish!

..I always tried to remind her that she was the smartest in the class..but it affected her personality her whole life !Even now that she is grown, independent, successful and wealthy, she sill talks about those harsh words from her parents that she received as a child.

That is why this story from the AP is surprising…The mother of a sixth grade student in Buncombe County, North Carolina says her daughter’s teacher wrote ‘loser’ on the girl’s class assignments and she’s speaking out about the discouraging comments.

Rex Roland, who teaches sixth grade at Enka Middle School in Candler, North Carolina, said he was joking when he called one of his students a ‘loser’ on her paper, but her mother Patty Clement does not see it that way.

She wants Rex Roland to be suspended….I tend to agree with her.What kind of teaching style is this!?![picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=children+taking+a+test.&iid=2009421″ src=”0/9/b/4/Bronx_School_Stands_3bab.jpg?adImageId=11221805&imageId=2009421″ width=”234″ height=”174″ /]

Clement says on a November vocabulary assignment Roland wrote the word “loser” after correcting the paper.

Just a few weeks ago, another graded assignment made its way home, and at the top of the page was the word “loser” underlined twice.

The Buncombe County School District released a statement saying that this is a personnel matter that’s being looked into.(SOURCE)

The girl has been removed from teacher Rex Roland’s class. The Buncombe County School district says they’re looking into the matter.

It is important to note, that North Carolina, is one of the last states in America to allow the school administrators and teachers to paddle the children while at school, so, that level of thinking in North Carolina continues to exist and fester there,bubbling over into this sad, sad situation of a teacher verbally abusing a student.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=failed+test+score&iid=2136442″ src=”5/c/3/f/Summer_School_In_ad7f.jpg?adImageId=11221604&imageId=2136442″ width=”234″ height=”327″ /]



7 Responses to “Teacher Writes ‘Loser’ on Child’s Low Scoring Homework Assignments…Tough Love Or bad Judgement?”

  1. I’m stunned that the teacher is still allowed in the school building. An adult (especially one in a position of authority) calling children names isn’t “cool,” isn’t a joke, and is pathetic as an attempt to be “in” with the kids. He’s supposed to be LEADING that class, not be “in” it. What is he, a 10-year-old? Kudos to the mom for calling out this disgusting behavior, and thank goodness the girl was moved out of his class. Maybe she’ll get a real teacher who can help her improve her skills. He’s teaching the children is that it’s fine for adults to verbally abuse them. And for the parents who support this type of behavior, someone needs to check into how they’re treating their kids. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a problem because they’re doing the same.

  2. This school board should be ashamed of itself. They have punished the child again by removing HER. The one that should have been removed is the teacher. Why should the other students have to put up with this “loser” of a teacher? “Investigate” seems to be another word for go away lady you’re botherin me. This teacher obviously didn’t learn from the first incident, and he’s convinced he can do what he pleases and board will back him. Even worst this “teacher?” is allowed to hit (paddle) these poor kids in his care. GET RID OF HIM. And don’t whine about “tenure.” Fire the guy and settle it in court. Kids have civil rights too. Better yet, let the parent sue the school for failing to protect her child. I have the feeling there are more kids who are suffering this type of behavior from this guy, but feel there is no one who cares enough about them to fight the system.

  3. Tough love or bad judgment? How DARE he write loser on a student’s paper? If that were my school district and county, I would LEAD the call for his IMMEDIATE dismissal. He is supposed to be an educator – a professional who motivates, shapes, helps, encourages and prepares children for academic excellence. Clearly, in this relationship, he holds all the power and uses it to belittle a child. Really??? This man is obviously ill-equipped for the teaching profession and unable to determine and maintain appropriate boundaries and behavior within the teacher/student relationship. As for the parents who support that type of behavior, I will refrain from sharing my opinion on that. I’d much rather focus on something that can be done to address the situation – call for his resignation today!!

  4. Wow this sounds like a teacher I Know in Huntington Beach Ca. Harbour View Elementary School. the principle turns her back or doesnt investigate the situation regardless of multiple parents complaints. the problem still continues to persist day in day out. these type of teachers need to either retire or be fired. it sickens me to see unprofessional teachers lie to your face in front of the principle in a meeting. and what happens, the child gets punished not the teacher.

  5. How much investigation does blatant poor teaching techniques require? To label any child “loser” has a lasting negative psychological effect.

    To give words of encouragement to the child and mother …Einstein had a similar life experience. At the end of his life, he could have thought of the poor educational experience he had been given as a child. However, I doubt a person of his intellectual stature would have wasted his very important time thinking of the “loser” teacher’s and educational experiences which he had.

    • Teachers need to take responsibility for their failed teaching practices, rather than verbally abusing a child.
      These children in his class are considered “gifted”, so loosing to them could be the difference between an A+ or an A-???(This is the LOW scores referred to in this article)
      ..He is just going to give the kids ulcers at an early age,over something that should be congratulated.
      He needs to teach them how to lighten up…

  6. This “teacher” gives losers everywhere a bad name. He doesn’t deserve to be called a loser, let alone use the term.

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