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Idiot Rejected On Dance Floor,Follows Woman Into Bathroom,Beats And Sexually Assaults Her!?!

Some guys just should stay away from women and clubs!!!…rejection is part of the game, and if you take all of the rebuffs personally, then maybe you should just not play the game!!

…you are probably mentally insatiable or off your meds.

In New York,…an unfortunate young lady ran in to one….

….A man who is suspected of brutally beating a woman,29, in a New York City bar restroom after she rejected his advances was taken into police custody Friday. Police say the suspect made statements implicating himself in the beating…(SOURCE)

The popular bar and club is called Social,located at 795 8th Avenue.

Social Bar and Grill...Woman Attacked In Bathroom Stall After Dance Floor Rejection!

Social Bar and Grill...Woman Attacked In Bathroom Stall After Dance Floor Rejection!

Police have identified the man as Mbarek Lafrem, 30, of Norwood, Pa.

If you ask a person…”can I have this dance”?…there are one of two answers you may get.One is ‘yes’, I would be delighted…OR…”No,i want to sit this one out!”…

Sane men just walk away and try to save as much face as possible,and my suggestion is that you immediately ask the girl standing next to her, and keep it moving.

Beating and raping her after you follow her in to the bathroom is not a civilized option…ever!!!

The man broke her nose and one of her eye sockets, leaving her unconscious and sprawled in a pool of blood.The woman was discovered by a friend who went into the restroom to check on her and found her on the floor, with one leg in a pair of slacks and one leg out of them, the police said.(SOURCE)

Sounds like her rejection of him triggered his psychosis and was the driving force behind his rationalization to beat and to attempt to rape her.

This type of behavior does not just happen that the attacker is in custody,the authorities will probably find this attacker has perpetrated these crime countless of times in the past, and it is a good thing he is off the streets.

He had supressed his violent urges toward women as long as he could, but the dance floor rejection by the women sent him over the edge.

What type of punishment do you think is appropriate for this heinous crime?….Comment and let me know.

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Read the full story here…

New York Times


My FoxNewYork

One Response to “Idiot Rejected On Dance Floor,Follows Woman Into Bathroom,Beats And Sexually Assaults Her!?!”

  1. Don’t make excuses. It’s not psychosis. It’s a vile action for which he should be severely punished. And ‘unfortunate’ is a serious understatement – he raped the woman. He has destroyed her life.

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