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Dog Eats $20,000 Diamond…Guess How They Had To Recover It!!!UUGGHHH…

A dog in Maryland  ate a diamond worth $20,000 dollars,after his owners dropped it on the floor in front of him!

The Golden Retriever who ate the diamond is named Sollie, and his owner, George Kaufman, owns the Robert Bernard Jewelry Store in Rockland with his partner, Robert Rosin.Sollie goes to work with George and hangs out in the jewelry store,and has never eaten any of the valuable merchandise before this incident.There must have been something about this particular diamond, that made it look tasty to Sollie.

Sollie  quickly gave it a cursory sniff, and before they could stop him, he simply swallowed it whole.The poor doggy must have either been hungry, or the shiny bauble reminded him of a tasty doggy morsel.What doggy wouldn’t want to eat some bling in the morning?

Either way,he ate it…all $20,000.00 worth.

Diamonds are a dogs best friend!!!

Diamonds are a dogs best friend!!!

The funny part of this story is what the owners had to do to recover it…the had to dig through the dog’s dung for the next 3 days, until it passed through his system!!!(SOURCE)

They called the vet, who told them to let nature takes its course. “We had to sweat it out for a few days,” Robert stated to the press.

…can you imagine having to follow a dog around 24/7 and monitor where he is doing his business, …and then getting on your hands and knees to dig through it?!?!…

Robert Rosin said…”I followed him; I had to pick up his stuff; I had to go through the things. I can understand what it was like in the old Gold Rush. I felt like I had just hit pay dirt.”

To ensure that this does not happen again, the owners are making sure that Sollie has access to plenty of doggy morsels to alleviate his munchies, so it all works out …in the end!!!

The owners further stated that even though they did value the diamond, Sollie the dog is priceless to them.

GROSS!!!…but I am not mad at them,…I would do the same thing for $20 g’s!!! Robert said…“It wasn’t glamorous, but you gotta do what you gotta do.”

…And, it’s probably a nice diamond,but I don’t think the media coverage of this story is going to help the value of it.

I mean…would you wear it?

Comment and let me know your thought on this…

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Read the full story here…


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