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Go Get Me A Switch!!!!…Miami Teens Run Rampant in School!!!!

This is what your kids will do if you do not discipline them..or teach them right from wrong!!! Standing in the corner and time-out breeds this type of heartless behavior…

The AP is reporting that Four teens in Miami have been arrested after they were caught on tape wrecking havoc in a high school, causing more than $10,000 in damage!!!

$10,000.00 dollars in damage!?@?!…

…with all the school budgeting problems and shortfalls in public education all throughout our nation…that fact makes this crime even more intolerable.

None of these vandals parents will want to pay for the damage their little idiots did…so ,I WONDER…

..What type of punishment do you think should happen to these young felon????

…Let me know...I think they should be flogged!!!

Vandalized Public School Classroom

Vandalized Public School Classroom

Read ¬†this study,all that disagree with me….

The Effectiveness Of Spanking!!!

3 Responses to “Go Get Me A Switch!!!!…Miami Teens Run Rampant in School!!!!”

  1. i know that if i was a parent, i’d make sure as hell that shit like that wouldn’t happen. i once met a parent whose high school aged child decorated the gymnasium with something i’ll call “apple juice.” the parent merely said something along the lines of, “boys will be boys.”
    WOW!!!! it’s stupefying, how overrun our country is becoming with lack of respect. they’re just not teaching that anymore. it’s terrible.

  2. The lady shown in this video is exactly why these kids do what they do. $10,000.00 in damage is not a “kid thing.” If these kids are not taught that this type of behavior will not be tolerated, their bad behavior will esculate. If parents won’t or can’t do their job, society will. And the child/adult will suffer for it. I don’t believe in spanking; violence begets violence. Who has the right to assault another person/child? There are other more effective ways to instill the knowledge that if you do something wrong, there will be a price to pay. These kids need to learn that.

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