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UCLA Students Slapped,Kicked,Tied-up And Robbed In Violent Home Invasion

A violent and aggressive home invasion robbery occurred near the UCLA campus on the 500 block of Midvale Avenue at about 1:30 a.m. in a luxury apartment building.

Six UCLA students were tied up with their own shoe laces and held at gunpoint early Thursday morning.

The suspects were able to get away  with the students’ laptops, cell phones and undisclosed amount of cash.

One of the six students was able to untie his binds, free the others, and call the authorities for assistance.

This  crime is a mystery, because most criminals in Los Angeles know that the LAPD will be relentless in tracking down any perpetrator of violent crime in Westwood, and the UCLA campus. In the 80’s, the whole approach to gang crime by the LAPD was forever changed when an Asian woman was shot in the head while visiting Westwood. Her name was Karen Toshima.

I suggest the police look at the students at UCLA, because this sounds like an inside job.The criminals in LA know what’s up, and they know better!!!…but they did say a shotgun…so I could be wrong.Either way…this will not continue for long!!!

UCLA Student Housing Complex

UCLA Student Housing Complex


New York Times

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