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Rapper DMX Arrested ‘Again’ in Arizona For…You Guessed It…Drug Abuse!!!

Rapper DMX,born Earl Simmons,has been arrested for allegedly violating his probation by using drugs in Arizona…AGAIN!!!(SOURCE)

DMX had served about half of his 18-month supervised probation resulting from a jail bid in May that required him to serve a 90-day sentence for felony convictions including cruelty to animals, theft and two drug counts.

The AP is reporting that…Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says his deputies have arrested Simmons five times now, including an August 2007 raid on the rapper’s north Phoenix home where they found 12 neglected dogs, three buried dogs, drugs and a cache of weapons.

Simmons pleaded guilty in late December to cruelty to animals, theft and two drug counts. In 2008, Simmons was arrested for speeding on a Phoenix freeway and allegedly going to a Scottsdale clinic and giving a false name to receive care with the intent of not paying.(SOURCE)

He faces five counts of violating probation.

Controversial Sherriff Joe Arapio went on to state…”We would hope that he is finally sent to prison,” Arpaio said. “We’ve arrested him five times already. How many times do you have to violate the law?”

Sounds like the sheriff can’t wait to make DMX wear those puffy pink striped prison outfits again!!!…and apparently,DMX  must also like it,because he can not help but to get himself violated again in the state of Arizona…where he is obviously not welcome.

Good luck DMX…we still get you man!!!

DMX Arrested Again In Arizona....

DMX Arrested Again In Arizona....


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One Response to “Rapper DMX Arrested ‘Again’ in Arizona For…You Guessed It…Drug Abuse!!!”

  1. Some times I wonder if all those inspirational lyrics he spits out are his or jst his voice.Am your fan X,bt don’t know for how long if you keep this up.

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