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Say It Ain’t So!!!!…Lil Wayne Pleads For Protective Custody While In Prison!!!…Rumor or for Real???

So…Lil Wayne, a rapper who routinely publicly represents the West Coast Piru Bloods gang, by donning a red rag out his pocket,like he did recently in New York at a Jay-Z concert,has done the most un-gangsta‘ things I scan ever imagine!!!…according to the on line rumor mill!!!…

(Or…he has been disparaged by a viscous rumor burning up the internet news services!…)(SOURCE)

….he allowed his attorney’s to plead to the judge to lock him up in protective custody!!!…WTF?!@?!?(

P.O.?@!?…are you serious!!!!…that’s where they separate the snitches,crooked cops,pedophiles, and …well, let’s just say those that can not hold their own in the general population….where they have nothing but real thugs and criminals.(SOURCE)

The cited source from Wikipedia describes why a prisoner would be separated in Protective custody-

  • Those who are at high risk of being harmed or killed by other prisoners either for their crime or their group (ethnic or otherwise), such as pedophiles, child murderers / child abusers, police officers, gang members in a prison containing rival gang members, or prisoners who are gay or transgender.
  • Those criminals who are themselves witnesses to a crime, and might be harmed by other prisoners to either prevent them from speaking out, or for revenge.(SOURCE)

The mystery to Lil Wayne’s protective status is this…

Stephen Morello, a spokesperson for the Correctional Department, cleared up the Lil Wayne P.O. allegations, saying that the New Orleans-bred MC will have “general population escort” status. This means that whenever Lil Wayne is outside of his housing unit, he will be accompanied by a correction captain, similar to how authorities handle gang members.

Inside his housing unit, on the other hand, he has the option to socialize with the 17 other men sharing his cell block.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=lil+wayne&iid=8205758″ src=”9/a/2/e/Lil_Wayne_Arrives_131a.jpg?adImageId=11152386&imageId=8205758″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]I knew Birdman would not allow his number one-act to go out like a punk!…Lil Wayne probably has a lot of fans in the general population that would love to get at him and discuss his gang activity.(SOURCE)

If he was in protective custody based on his personal request….then he may as well never come out!

Good luck lil Weezy!!!…we will miss you man!

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=lil+wayne&iid=8205461″ src=”5/3/3/5/Lil_Wayne_Arrives_14ac.jpg?adImageId=11152447&imageId=8205461″ width=”234″ height=”163″ /]

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