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Salt Lake Puppy Beater Sent To Prison For Animal Abuse!!!!…We Finally Got One!!!

Convicted puppy abuser Anthony Spidle,22, pleaded guilty to third degree felony cruelty to animals,and was sentenced Friday to 0-5 years in prison!

Abuse victim Gabby the Dog...has received justice in Salt Lahe,Utah courts!

Abuse victim Gabby the Dog...has received justice in Salt Lake,Utah courts!

He is the first to be charged and convicted under the Utah’s new animal cruelty laws.

The abuser was convicted of severely beating his former girlfriends dog “Gabby” , because he kicked, stomped, and beat the six-month old lab-mix named Gabriella with a skateboard.(SOURCE)

According to court records Spidle was angry at his former girlfriend Jennith Bemus.

His mom who witnessed the torture said he grabbed the puppy by his legs and threw him against the wall. He then began to beat the dog again and jumped on the puppy’s head and throat saying that “he was going to kill him, cut off his head and give it to Jennith Bemis.”

But Gabby survived the torture and has now been adopted by a Park City family.

“As far as I know she’s doing fine, a little skittish but she’s doing fine,” said Bemus following Friday’s sentencing.(SOURCE)

He did all of this while recording the torture on her voice mail!!!

Spidle was also sentenced to prison for up to five years for witness tampering, for asking his girlfriend not to come to court and testify against him. Third District Judge William Barrett ordered the two terms to run concurrently.

Defense attorney Dean Zabriskie had asked the judge to order probation and in-patient treatment for Spidle, a drug and alcohol abuser who suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome because of a chaotic childhood.

Because he stomped on the puppy, threw it against a wall,….many feel that “He deserves this because it was a cruel callous act,” said Gene Baierschmidt with the Utah Humane Society. “We hope that this sends a message to anyone who thinks about committing cruelty to an animal in the state of Utah that there will be serious penalties to pay.”

Abused and beaten puppy victim....why???

Abused and beaten puppy victim....why???

At his sentencing Anthony Spidle stated that he is sorry for his crime, that he loves animals,that this is out of his character and does not know what got into him, and that he does not want to be remembered this way.

Spidle’s attorney sought probation and claimed prison is much too severe for animal abuse. “The equation that a dog or any animal is equal to the well-being of a human being might be a little skewed,” Zabriskie said. “The dog should not have been abused. We just think the consequences are more severe than is justified.”(SOURCE)

Here at the Jerrybrice blog, we must disagree.

Every month I have to report on dogs being dragged,strangled, and burned alive, and the punishment is generally a slap on the wrist.We value all forms of life, and are offended by any form of abuse, especially when it entails mans best friend.

Studies prove that those who senselessly abuse animals, will abuse their loved ones.The connection to domestic abuse and animal cruelty are too profound to be disregarded.

If Spidle could have gotten to his girlfriend over the phone while he was abusing the puppy”Gabby”, then our report would be about another unfortunate death caused by his domestic violence outburst.

Convicted Puppy beater Anthony Spidle Sentenced to prison!!!!

Convicted Puppy beater Anthony Spidle Sentenced to prison!!!!


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One Response to “Salt Lake Puppy Beater Sent To Prison For Animal Abuse!!!!…We Finally Got One!!!”

  1. With people like this they need to stay in prison for yrs to get the idea animals are not a ball just to throw around. Pets look to us for care,love and their best friend and if in time someone comes around the bend with mental issues then they don’t need a dog or cat, bird none. Just think what this guy could have done to his girlfriend if she had been there scary thought…I live in Colorado and I wish we had laws like that here big time for I see people that are really mean to their pets, they throw them around I report the issues and no one does anything about it so the poor pets starve to death or die a slow death..Terri

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