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Academy Awards Kanye West Style Moment…Elinor Burkett Bumrushes The Stage!!!

The Academy Awards is usually a stodgy,upper-crust,uptight event, where Hollywood royalty rules, and everyone in attendance is on their best behavior, given their entire career could be hanging in the balance!

Ones next big role does not solely depend on talent and acting chops alone, but on how what you were wearing at the Oscars fared with the critics, and gossip columnist.

Interruptions, ands rock star rudeness is usually left at the door, and relegated to lesser awards shows,much like the American Music awards where Kanye West so infamously crashed the stage, interrupting America’s country sweetheart Taylor Swift, sweet and innocent first time acceptance speech.

Since that time, Kanye has virtually disappeared from pop culture that did not work out to well for him.

At last evenings Academy Awards,Elinor Burkett,a former producer of  “Music by Prudence”,rushed onto the stage and rudely and aggressively interrupted and hijacked the emotional  acceptance speech for ‘Best Documentary Short’ that the film’s director Roger Ross Williams’ was delivering.(SOURCE)

To his credit,Mr Williams’ did not make things worst by yanking the mike back from her and completing his speech,and like a gentleman, he just quietly sat back and let Elinor make a public ass of herself.

Apparently, Elinor Burkett had some creative and egomaniacal differences with the production, and she left the film, and has been suing the company over the production.

The following is a report on what happened,….BURKETT: What happened was the director and I had a bad difference over the direction of the film that resulted in a lawsuit that has settled amicably out of court. But there have been all these events around the Oscars, and I wasn’t invited to any of them. And he’s not speaking to me. So we weren’t even able to discuss ahead of the time who would be the one person allowed to speak if we won. And then, as I’m sure you saw, when we won, he raced up there to accept the award. And his mother took her cane and blocked me. So I couldn’t get up there very fast.

WILLIAMS: Only one person is allowed to accept the award. I was the director, and she was removed from the project nearly a year ago, but she was able to still qualify as a producer on the project, and be an official nominee. But she was very angry — she actually removed herself from the project – because she wanted more creative control.

The academy is very clear that only one person can speak. I own the film. She has no claim whatsoever. She has nothing to do with the movie. She just ambushed me. I was sort of in shock.

I just expected her to stand there. I had a speech prepared….(

I just thought it was funny and awkward….

Let me know what your favorite Academy Award moment was,if you have one,and if you think Elinor was out of line!!!!

Academy Awards Kanye West Lady Moment...

Academy Awards Kanye West Lady Moment...



2 Responses to “Academy Awards Kanye West Style Moment…Elinor Burkett Bumrushes The Stage!!!”

  1. Elinor Burkett obviously is letting her anger act out in ignorant and rude behavior. I do hope she lost her lawsuit and pays restitution to everyone her actions have damaged.

  2. 24 Oscar Predictions 14 right 10 wrong Roger Ebert I’m not I guessed on the technical stuff The others were the known winners from Ebert!!!

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