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Tennessee’s hospitality association CEO Under Fire for “Obama Chimp” Email!!!

Another day…another report about a racist Republican acting like a kkklown!!!…oh well,…HATE ON!!!!

The CEO of Tennessee’s hospitality association is apologizing for sending an e-mail to a group of public figures that compares first lady Michelle Obama to a chimpanzee, which is unbecoming of a true southern gentleman.

CEO Walt Baker loves him some racist jokes!!!

CEO Walt Baker loves him some racist jokes!!!

The New York Times is reporting that….Tennessee Hospitality Association CEO Walt Baker’s e-mail compares the first lady to Tarzan sidekick Cheeta. At the bottom of the e-mail is a photo of Obama, caught in an awkward moment with her lips pursed, and one of a chimpanzee wearing a similar expression.

Baker apologized in an e-mail to Nashville Metro Council members Saturday saying the message was not intended to be malicious but meant as ”political humor.”(SOURCE)

I do not believe this typical Republican racist story…he would not accept his mother,wives, or daughters to be called a ‘chimp”…an ape, which is an old traditional racial stereotype that the KKKlan and a multitude of White Power supremest and Aryan/Nazi use to mock the cultural features of African-Americans,and is frequently used on websites where these KKKlowns post insults and racial epitaphs against citizens of the United States,and support sedition and treasonist acts against the United States of America,African American,non-white Immigrants, and Jewish people…all while they evade paying their taxes, breaking the laws of our land.

Many will be reading and trying to comment on this article,and I will okay them, if they are intelligent, and devoid of useless cowardly insults and profanity…much like the ignorant e-mail sent out by this idiotic Tennessee CEO Walt Baker.

A total racist Fail!!!!

The Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau on Saturday dropped its contract with Baker’s marketing firm Mercatus Communications. The firm had received almost $50,000 to market the new convention center and money that came indirectly from Metro to market the annual Music City Bowl.(SOURCE)

Oh well, I know the Republican Neocon Nazi party will quickly hire the Mercatus Communications marketing firm….that type of bigotry is up their alley!!!!

Walt Baker of the Tennessee Michele Obama racist 'Chimp' joke e-mail...lost $50,000.00 in business over it!!!


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Nashville Channel

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