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Homophobic-Fail!!!…Sen. Roy Ashburn,Anti-Gay Crusader,Tea Party Leader, Arrested for DUI After Leaving Gay Nightclub!!!LOL…

Gay Tea Dance party anyone???….

Homophobic, anti-Gay marriage activist, and hater of Gay Americans ,Republican neocon fascist California State Senator Roy Ashburn, a MARRIED state senator from Southern California was arrested for allegedly driving drunk after leaving a gay bar with another man in the car who was reportedly fondling him while he was drunk driving, further causing the good Republican senator to sway.

He represents the citizens of Bakersfield, California, a small community in Southern California, and is a leader of the racist Tea Party group.

Ironically, the term Tea Dance, or T-Dance Party is also used within gay culture to designate similar dances: particularly those held on weekends (especially Sunday evenings) in night clubs, or at the end of the day at gay resorts.(SOURCE-GAY T-DANCE)

 Senator Roy Ashburn...Tea Dance Party Leader Arrested Cruising A Gay Bar!!!

Senator Roy Ashburn...Tea Dance Party Leader Arrested Cruising A Gay Bar!!!

Senator Ashburn is also a leader within the Tea Party political action group, that Sarah Palin represents…they are all probably closeted gay and hypocrites in search of a Tea dance Party!!!…such hypocrites….

Just come out and enjoy yourselves, and stop passing legislation that prevents your fellow gay americans that have already come to turns with their homosexuality, and choose to marry their lover.

Just because many within the Republican conservative and Christian party are campaigning against Gay marriage in order to mask and hide their personal homosexuality, does not mean that everyone else should have to deal with their personal confusion.

We get that the Republican neocons are repressed, because every two months or so, another one of their leaders is discovered to be living the lifestyle of the people that they hate…just like what happened with republican state senator and Tea Party leader Senator Roy Ashburn.

Many sources have reported that the anti-gay senator was seen at “Faces” prior to his arrest. According to CBS, the senator has voted against every Gay rights bill that has come across the senate.

“Faces” is a popular gay bar in midtown Sacramento where openly gay men go to hook-up,party and have a good time with each other.Sources from inside of “Faces” report that the Gay Senator Roy Ashburn fit right in, and was the life of the party.

He had been hitting on a lot of the guys, and he had gotten luck, and was on his way home to score a “home run” with the date he picked-up at the bar.

Unfortunately for the gay bashing/gay loving repressed gay Senator Ashburn…due to his swerving his car from his…”distraction’… he was arrested for drunk driving and never made it home to seal the deal with his man friend.

…well, I say, each to his own…whatever floats your boat,just as long no one gets hurt.[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=gay+bar&iid=933997″ src=”9/a/d/e/fd.jpg?adImageId=10978778&imageId=933997″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

The really disturbing news here is that he was drunk driving!

He should be punished severely for that level of dangerous behavior, and for putting the public in jeopardy in a state issued SUV!!!…Mother’s against drunk driving will be contacting the senator I presume.

Ashburn’s anti-gay voting record, include’s opposing the creation of a holiday to honor slain activist and legislator Harvey Milk,and that Ashburn received the gold standard of ratings from the Capitol Resource Family Impact Group, and has hosted events on behalf of the Traditional Values Coalition.(SOURCE)

The freakiness doesn’t stop here, as the police are releasing further information about the senator’s arrest.

Reported items found in search of the Tea Party pervert Ashburn’s vehicle: Portable potty chair, several crucifixes, amyl nitrate bottles, cocaine, and bondage equipment.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=gay+bar&iid=1464323″ src=”7/a/c/d/Social_Diary_Winter_8de3.jpg?adImageId=10978837&imageId=1464323″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]Sounds like Senator Ashburn had a big party in store for his male lover…but ,what is the portable potty chair for???…we know he uses “Depends”!!!

Be yourself Senator, come out and reverse every one of those votes you made against freedom for gay Americans, as well as all the racist homophobic hateful bills you supported representing the disgraceful Republican Tea Party neocon terrorist fascists.

The truth will set you free!!! the picture illustrates, Roy loves to hug guys, so it was just a matter of time his ‘down-low’gay lifestyle would be uncovered!!!

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=State+Senator+Roy+Ashburn&iid=4040988″ src=”2/6/7/8/Californias_Budget_Still_d453.jpg?adImageId=10978011&imageId=4040988″ width=”234″ height=”310″ /]





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